As this was YHC’s maiden Saturday Q, I was pretty amped up so I ironed my outfit and arrived at Carroll Middle School more than 45 minutes early. I found the shovel flag already planted (boy, those those Catalyst site Qs sure are eager beaver go-getters). Additionally, I was up and out early because my sleep was fitful and haunted with images of a couple pickup basketball games following the @F3_Arena workout on Friday at The Healing Place involving PAX and clients of the facility. As a member of the Cardinal Gibbons 1983 State semi final hoops squad (admittedly primarily on the bench), I was confident that I could draw upon my vast experience of protecting the paint, throwing some elbows, wiping the glass clean, and maybe even show off with a couple put-back dunks. As it turns out, 1983 was >30 years ago, the Captain > 40 lbs heavier and Epoxy made me look silly and nearly broke my ankles. Word of warning — If he ever tries to get you to play a little one-on-one for a dinner check or to determine who has to be the DD for a night out, etc don’t do it…he’s hustling you.

23 of Midtown’s best looking, buff, and intelligent gentlemen gathered and joined me at Carroll Middle School. No FNGs this morning so we shove off.

The Thang
Warm-up lap around middle school building, down ramp to the basketball court

Circle up for:
– SSH x20 IC
– Imperial Squat Walker x15 IC (Sort-of. The Captain’s clumsy, uncoordinated, oafishness prevailed)
– Mountain Climbers x20 IC
– Sir Fazio Arm Circles x20 IC forward and x20 IC reverse
– Good Morning x20 IC

Grab rock and re-circle up
3 sets of
– Curl x15
– Row x 15
– Squat-to-press x 15

Replace rocks

Trot to the bleacher area next to track and count off in THREES

3  GROUPS – 1.Track Group, 2-Grass/Bleacher Group, and 3- Hill Group
ROUND = each  team  cycles through the 3 groups

– Track Group  – Indian Run around track
– Grass/Bleacher Group – Monkey Humpers AMRAP
– Hill Group – Bear crawl up hiil / Backward bear crawl down, repeat AMRAP

– Track Group  – Run quarter of track/100m, then backward run 100m, then run 100m, then backward run 100m around track
– Grass/Bleacher Group – Merkin wheel on first bleacher seat x3 each, rotate, repeat AMRAP
– Hill Group – Backward bear crawl up hill / Backward bear crawl down, repeat  AMRAP

– Track Group  – Sideways shuffle (left) 100m, Sideways shuffle (right) 100m, Sideways shuffle (L) 100m, Sideways shuffle (R) 100m around track
– Grass/Bleacher Group – Alternating Wide/Narrow Grip Hand-release Merkin AMRAP
– Hill Group – Bear crawl up hill / Bear crawl down, repeat AMRAP

*Plenty of accusations being bandied about throughout this segment from AMRAP groups that the track group lollygagged thereby making the AMRAP groups work longer. Lollygagging or not, the trackwork (esp. rounds 2 and 3) burned a bit.

Trot up stairs and grab some wall for a few Balls to the Wall exercises
– Walking BttW x 5 IC right, walking BttW x 5 IC left
– Walk-Out BttW x5 IC forward, hold plank, walk back x5 IC
– Shoulder tap BttW x5 IC

Mosey back to parking lot for a lot of MARY
– LBC x 20 IC
– Crab Toe Touch (Low Country Crabs) x 20 IC
– Homer to Marge x20 IC
– Freddie Mercury x 20 IC
– Raised Leg Circles x10 IC clockwise, x10 IC counter clockwise
– Reverse LBC x20 IC
– WWII sit-ups x 20 IC
– Hammers x 20 IC

The End
NO WAIT!!! With a minute to spare, some fellow bearing a slight resemblance to ManRam (but better looking) and going by the name “Cristóbal” shows up, senses we all have a little bit left to give and leads an exhausted Pax in some (Puerto Rican) Crunchy Frogs (?!) x20 IC

Thanks Cristóbal, we’ll have to hook you up with ‘Ricky’ one of these days

El Fin

Christmas part coming up on Mon Dec 22 at Tyler’s Tap Room … RSVP
Reserve a spot for Next week’s F3Connect – Topic: Beer
Thoughts/prayers going out to Lo Pair and Epoxy’s 2.0
Mark your calendar: New Year’s convergence at Fletcher park

Thanks for coming out this morning and putting up with me. I’m far from perfect at this as it is not really in my wheelhouse but I get pretty charged up and treat my Q as a very important part of my day/week.  Although outside of my comfort zone, I always end up having a little bit of fun and push myself enough that I feel it the next day…and i did.

Post-F3Catalyst Coffeeteria
In a word … Awesome.
I can’t help but to wonder what those patrons sitting at tables on the periphery were thinking of the Diceman’s waxing nostalgic of equine/bovine veterinarian “fluid sample” collection techniques and/or transrectal palpation pregnancy tests. Were they amused or horrified?
In any case, it gave me a few ideas to present to the M on our next anniversary.
Some Coffeeterias deserve their own backblast.