Deuce Deuce

The shovel flag was planted (thanks Burt) and 16 PAX members set out for a steamy work-out. Let’s check the tape:

Indian Run (#applesauce) up the hill

COP – SSH, Good Mornings, Windmill, Mountain Climber, Peter Parker, Ski Abs, and Cross Fit Merkins.

Mosey to the playground – partner-up

10 pull-ups, 20 merkins, and 30 LBCs x2

Mosey to the baseball field

Partner A sprints to the fence, Partner B – Balls to the Wall – switch
Partner A sprints to the fence, Partner B – People’s chair – switch
Partner A sprints to the fence, Partner B – Balls to the Wall – switch

Two lines of the Carolina Coo Coo down to the outfield fence

Mosey toward home – Lunge walks halfway there

Tennis courts – 22s #crowdfavorite

Run from the doubles line to doubles line doing exercises at each side.
2 Sumo Jumps squats – 20 merkins, 4 sumo – 18 merkins,etc.

Mary – Low, slow flutter and Boat/Canoe


Naked Moleskin:

– YHC was expecting a small crowd this morning. We’d continue to build the base until school starts. Raleigh clown car flipped that idea on its head. Thanks for the extra effort gents! Gnard Dogg, Epoxy, Maize, Costco, Zima, and Screech made Apex a great success this morning!

– Due to the new members, we had to edit the work-out to challenge these heavy hitters. 22s is a solid beatdown that keeps the heart rate up and fatigues the muscles! Good work out there!

– Grease Monkey loves the snooze button. Nough said. He’ll make the work-out but never on time. #signaturemove

– Surcharge and Rip Tide looked great out there today! Oh wait, you weren’t there. AM/PM issue. Got it. See you next week, maybe?

– Welcome Crayola (FNG) to F3 and Apex/Cary work-out. Come out next week! I promise it will be better!

– Speaking of errors, it started to rain during COT and YHC got all out of sorts. He forgot name-a-rama which is like F3 101. Oops. My bad. I didn’t want to get any water on my shirt that looked like I’d been swimming in the lake for an hour. #soundlogic

– Hoping to EH McCants to Q next week. If not, we’re doing 22s for 45 minutes.

– Announcements: Mule, Mudrun, and see Maize if you want to get on the Raleigh F3 e-mail train.


Thanks for letting me lead this morning! Always an honor to start my day with each of you!