A rare early week posting with the Pax, YHC wanted to start the week off right. Spread it ’round, one might say. A great group by looking at past backblasts, A-team gets the numbers and some PAX YHC doesn’t get to see until late week should he post at DP…and Denali. Chedder Bo had made his arrival known with the gates wide and ready. The morning a bit brisk with some rain that had fallen overnight. Several pax cam in on 2 wheels with Flouride coming in extra hot. No FNG’s this am but 23 of CarPEXs’ finest.

Jog to front parking lot and circle up. I suppose Shutty and YHC have a fairly standard WU. GM’s, MC’s, SM’s, and SFAC’s. Good and ready. Get in groups of 3. P1 will stay on one end of lot, P2 will be at halfway point, P3 will be bearcrawling up and lungewalk back.P1 starjumps, P2 merkens.. This went on for 6 minutes. Next P1 at end of lot WWII’s, P2 at far end of lot doing squats, P3 running in between. This went for 8 minutes.

Jog back to shelter at end of park. 1-2-1. 100 irkens, 200 squats, 100 dips. As a team. Mosey up to lot by shelter. 1’s American Hammer, P2 & P3 bearcrawl up. Again, crawlbear back. Mosey to start and circle up for boat/canoe, homer to marge, more hammers.

COT and Prayers.

NM: feisty group this am. Good spirits all around. A lot to be proud of with the group that has become the CarPEX PAX. Seriously, we have a big group now and many men putting in some serious work these days. Encouragement among the men to push each other as well as show up as often as possible!