12 men came out on a nice, but warm Friday morning in an effort to get better. Burt was ready to go and had his usual doubts if YHC had planned much. For this particular Q, YHC was ready and got the truck in on the action to bring the required equipment. Largemouth saw the 4×4 and guessed early as to what YHC was up to. He was right but we wouldn’t confirm that for a little bit.

Thang. No FNG’s so we were off for a lap and a half of friendly jog so that YHC could here from Burt about a headlight out. Thanks. Circle up for some good mornings, IW’s, and mtn climbers. Mosey up to basketball court and get in groups of 3. 1’s start with balls to the wall, 2’s dipping, and 3’s suicide. Rotate thru so that all groups do each exercise.

Indian jog down to the road to the office park. Ahh, behold Santa’s sleighs. YHC created these for Banjo and YHC’s Christmas Eve Q. Banjo handed out presents, while his co-site Q created pallet sleds for all to enjoy. YHC’s M reminded him that these were to be used or gotten rid of. Perfect time to bring them out again. In the groups of 3, 1 pulls the 2 who sits on the sled to the end of the parking lot. Trade places and pull back to start. 3’s do lbc’s until they return. Then switch out one man on the sled/pulling and so forth until each man has made 2 pulls (harder than it sounds). Plankhold around the horn 10 count each man. Grab the sleds again and do the same as before rotating thru your group so that each man has 2 pulls…slightly shorter. Plankhold around the horn 10x each man. Stack the sleds. Indian run halfway back and find some guardrail. 20x irkens, 30xlbc’s, 15xderkens, 30xcrossed legged dying cockroach (thank Hermes), 20x irkens. Indian jog back to basketball court and find some wall. 20x dips, 20xlbc’s,15x dips, 20x WWII.

COT and prayers for Blue and Out and his lasik and for Chinese Downhill and his family.

Great to lead you guys. Thanks to Callahan for the light to non-existent criticism. Have a great weekend gents.