7 PAX plus QIC rode around and beyond the park – interpreting sacred symbols of transportation lore and combining math with sweat.  Paid homage to that middle of the year but never forgotten month of JULY.

WARM UP in the parking lot
25x Good Morning
20x SSH
20x Mountain Climber
INDIAN RUN…up QH Road, right on HD Thoreau, right on Wingate to Steinbeck
CHEVRON LADDER ON Steinbeck – variety of merkin reps increasing 7x up to each chevron bike symbol (3 symbols total)…7x increasing LBCs at the bottom
RUN down Wingate, past EG to next hill…combo of partner carry, wheelbarrow, bear crawl and crabwalk flapjack races up and down till arms sore…
RUN to wall at EG…station work…10 & 15 reps of urkins, derkins, dips, and alternating leg step ups
MARY in parking lot
– 28 burpies+LBCs+3 minutes Have Nice Day = 31 T-claps to PAX warriors
mighty prayers (thanks Nacho L) for CW’s friend & Greenville, Spartan announcements