YHC was born on 11-9-75 and today we celebrated 41 years in F3 style.  7 Strong faithful pax emerged out of the gloom after a late night of election returns.  No disclaimer and we were off.

Warm up – 11 SSH, 9 Good mornings, 75 merkins OYO (that surprised a few!)


Moseyed over to the ball field for a little Bad News Bears modified:  bear crawl to first 10 merkins, run to the fence and back.  Same to 2nd, 3rd, and Home with 11 at home (for 41).

41 LBC’s

41 Squats

41 WW2’s

41 Alternating lunges

41 Dying cockroaches

41 Burpees (broken up in 10s)

Mosey to the track for an Indian run X 4 with 10 burpees after each lap (11 on the last)

Lung walked some until Pygmy started yapping so needed to shut him up, so 25 merkins OYO.

Lung walk more then more merkins.

Bear crawled up and down the stairs then back to track.

Crab walked (and bear crawled) 100 yard dash, but not that quickly!

Back to the parking lot for 41 more burpees.

Nameorama, no announcements.

Moleskin:  We discussed the outcome of the election a bit and the need for us all to trust in the Lord for our hope.  No government or earthly leader will truly bring peace on this earth (although we pray that our leaders will lead well).  YHC and Pygmy reminded us that God is in control and we need to hold onto that today.  I am thankful for 41 years and for the past 3 plus years I’ve been in the gloom.  Thank you, gentlemen!