As a UVa football fan for 35 seasons, most of them painful, I decided this was the Hoos year to beat the Hokees in Blacksburg. I was so confident, I made a bet with Hokee faithful, Burt. The bet: the loser must Q a workout wearing the winning team’s apparel / gear. What I didn’t know was what Burt, the Hokee superfan had in store for me… A biker jersey, neon gloves, a hat with wig attached and much more to choose from.

Congratulations to Burt and the Hokees for a phenomenal 6-6 season as their bowl streak continues. The Independence, Military and Quick Lane Bowls appear to be the most likely potential destinations for Tech (6-6, 3-5 Atlantic Coast Conference). My prediction, a 6-7 2014 season for Beamer and his boys.

Thanks to the PAX at Danger Zone for letting me Q in Cary. Apparently, Cee Lo was hoping I didn’t learn my lesson and attempted to make a bet with me. Alabama versus Missouri. I politely turned it down.

Since it’s basketball season, I decided to stick with a Hokee theme and bring a few bricks Va Tech threw up against UVA in multiple losses to the Hoos.

Each Pax grabbed two bricks to keep for the entire workout

Good Mornings x 10, Mountain Climbers x 15, Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 10 F&R, Merkins x 15

The Thang
Run the loop with bricks in hand

Thanks to the PAX for leading me through the dark as I nearly ran everyone into the shelter. The PAX ran to the halfway point of the loop and stopped facing a hill.

Jacob’s Ladder to 5 ascending with Burpees and bricks. Plank when you’re done.

Run to the soccer field.

Line up at end of the field. Partner Up: Partner 1 runs length of field and back, Partner 2 performs AMRAP, Tag and Rotate…exercises were Merkins, Maize Merkins (Carolina Dry Docks) LBC’s, WWII Sit-ups, Iron Cross, Arms Straight, Diamond Merkins, Wide Arm Merkins, Bricks Overhead, Brick Press.
Circle up for Jack Webbs to 11

American Hammer x 15, LBC x 50, 10 count 6-inch leg hold.

Christmas Party December 22 at Tyler’s Taproom, 7-10
F3 Connect: December 17
2nd F for Cary PAX at Fortnight Brewing Company, Wonk to tweet details
Bowling Highlights: 3 consecutive gutterballs by Banjo

Burt closed with a prayer