YHC came screeching into Bastille on 2 wheels (almost) as per my usual arrival time. 0544.  By the time the sandbags were extracted from my trunk and a few pleasantries were exchanged, Homes reminded me that we need to start…. by starting his SSH OYO to get warm.  Duly noted Homes. 17 PAX at Bastille were prepared to get warm.

The Warmup
SSH (x50 IC)
BWS (x25 IC)
Merkins (x30, single count)
Arm circles (FW; RV)

The Thang
Mosey with sandbags (rotating along the way… except for Deep Dish who selfishly (unwittingly) kept his the whole time)  Pause in front of Weaver St. Mkt for use of their fine brick walls.

Dip (x20 IC)
Derkins (x10 IC)
Box jumps (x15 OYO)
Repeato (x3…or 4?)

Mosey across the parking lot to the underside of the parking deck for a set of 11s;
1 Burpee:Pullup:Toes to Bar – run 30 yards – 10 BWS – return 30 yards.
Repeato: 2-9; 3-8; 4-7… until complete*
*Note – this took longer than expected… so an audible was called and we made our way to the center of SV and quickly divided into 2 teams for sandbag-Ussain Bolts.

1 man from each team slings the 40lb sandbag on his shoulders; sprints to the top of the hill; 5 clean & press with the sandbag; drop the bag and sprint back.  Next man..and so on.  The PAX remaining rotated through a series of planks, burpees, LBCs & more.  Time was ticking away… so we returned to home base.

Reminder & encouragement for the participation of F3 Churham in Operation Sweet Tooth.
See Assisi’s email from earlier this week.  Items to be collected at each AO week of 12/12-12/16.
Items to be delivered to UNC & Duke Children’s on Monday, 12/19.

Churham 2ndF still on for Dec. 22nd.  Location TBD. Stay tuned.

Prayers for Kitten as he again heads across the Atlantic for a 2 week vacation (?) to Liberia.  Safe travels and good luck on the front lines of Ebola!!