YHC arrived at Healing Transitions 2:10pm and sees Elmer Fudd arriving by run….and with the afternoon heat he looks like a pressure cooker about to explode.   White Whale and Peach Pit ran back to Pullen with him, and I must say PP and the afternoon heat didn’t look like a good mix when I passed them about halfway back in the Combat Minivan.   Don’t know if Ron Mexico ran over or not, but when he arrived he didn’t look spent so I am making the assumption he drove.   Clipos Magnificos brough his 13 year old 2.0 David….was a good thing to have a 2.0 attend The Arena.  Note to CM…please let me know if I spell your first F3 name incorrectly, as I am having difficulty with it.

8 FNGs (21 total) !!!   7 from HT and CM’s above 2.0…was this a record for HT?

Warmups were:

  • Side Stradle Hops
  • Good Afternoons
  • Windmills
  • Sire Nigel Octavius Fazio Armcircles

The Main was again “The Chong”:

  • Irkins x 10
  • Step Ups x 10
  • Derkins x 10
  • Squats x 10
  • Dips x 10
  • Run around 1/2 the HT Building….then repeat this 3 times.


  • LBCs x 20
  • Merican Hammers x 23.   YHC had Rockefeller decide this number with the amount he could do prior to dropping his feet to the ground.  He stopped at 23, but in asking him later if he could have kept going he said “yes, but it looked like you were about to have a baby so I quit to help you out”.  Thanx Brother…I was indeed ready to stop

We had 8 FNGs to name and had a good time with this.  My favorite was “Bill Hilly”.  Bill Hilly is an African American Brother from West Virginia and we ended up letting him name himself; I know this broke F3 Protocal but the name he offered was too good to pass up.

YHC offered up the below devotion which spoke to me and I hope meant something to all the PAX in attendance.

Peach Pit led us out in Prayer…was humble and strong as always.


The Arena is a BLESSING to all who attend.   If you haven’t posted yet I encourage you too.   Thanks CW and Duff for Standing in the Gap on this during the lien times….I don’t expect any of us (you included) would have expected it to get to where it is now.  What a testemant to if we do a little, GOD can and will do a Lot!

A Bruised Reed

A bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not quench. Matthew 12:20

What is weaker than the bruised reed or the smoldering wick? A reed that grows in the marshland—let a wild duck land on it, and it snaps; let but the foot of man brush against it, and it is bruised and broken; every wind that flits across the river moves it to and fro. You can conceive of nothing more frail or brittle or whose existence is more in jeopardy than a bruised reed. Then look at the smoldering wick—what is it? It has a spark within it, it is true, but it is almost smothered; an infant’s breath might blow it out; nothing has a more precarious existence than its flame.

Weak things are here described; yet Jesus says of them, “The smoldering wick I will not quench; the bruised reed I will not break.” Some of God’s children are made strong to do mighty works for Him; God has His Samsons here and there who can pull up Gaza’s gates and carry them to the top of the hill. He has a few mighties who are lionlike men, but the majority of His people are a timid, trembling race. They are like starlings, frightened at every passerby, a little fearful flock. If temptation comes, they are taken like birds in a snare; if trial threatens, they are ready to faint. Their frail craft is tossed up and down by every wave; they drift along like a seabird on the crest of the billows—weak things, without strength, without wisdom, without foresight. Yet, weak as they are, and because they are so weak, they have this promise made especially to them.

Herein is grace and graciousness! Herein is love and loving-kindness! How it opens to us the compassion of Jesus—so gentle, tender, considerate! We need never shrink back from His touch. We need never fear a harsh word from Him; though He might well chide us for our weakness, He rebukes not. Bruised reeds shall have no blows from Him, and the smoldering wick no damping frowns.