The weather was warm and the spirits were high for the brave 21 at #Bastille.  As DOI made reference to the brutal warmup at our BUD/S workout earlier this week at #Rameses, our #Bastille warmup began to take shape.  The story goes something like this…

SSH x101 (IC)  (Yes…SSH x101), Cadre Phil Overhead Seal Clap (x50 IC), LBAC (x15 IC Fwd), LBAC (x15 IC Rev.), Merkins x15 (IC).

The Thang
After a quick shoulder-smoking warmup, we took off towards the ‘Village and headed to the ground level of the parking deck.  After a few previous early-morning reconnaissance rucks, we’ve finally found enough space for 20+ PAX to do pull-ups together.  Keeping our BUD/S-influenced feel for the week, we set off on a new #Bastille classic.  The pullup/merkin/WWII/running pyramid.

Each PAX completes the following series followed by a .25M run around the deck.
2 pullups/5 merksin/10 WWII situps
4 pullups/10 merkins/20WWII situps
6 pullups/15 merkins/30 WWII situps, continue through 8/20/40; 10/25/50
Back down the pyramid: 8/20/40; 6/15/30; 4/10/20; 2/5/10.

Perhaps no surprise… the inclusion of 20/30/40/50 WWIIs kept the PAX on the ground longer than the faster alternative – LBCs.   (Note to the Q… adjustment on the fly is often a good idea).
With the clock quickly approaching 0630, we returned our launch point for COT.

Successful 2ndF event last night at Ponysaurus Brewing in Durham.
June 2nd F location likely to be Chapel Hill’s finest – He’s Not Here
Wuerffel announced the start of BRR training.  All invited to join regardless of BRR participation status.

Thanks and prayers to all those serving our country and keeping us safe, especially on this Memorial Day weekend.   Never forget those that have sacrificed their own lives so that we may enjoy our daily freedoms.
Aye!  -Coco