Te’o and I finished our pre-Bastille EC ruck to find 21 guys standing around in a parking lot.
They were ready to rock… so we got to it.

The Warmup
SSH (x50 IC), BWS (x10 IC), Arm Circles (Fx10; Rx10), Imperial Walkers (x10 IC), Merkins (x20 IC).  Launch for a warmup run to the Village.

The Thang
Thankfully Southern Village is full of hills.  We found one… and used it.
Buddy up (approximate equal size & weight preferred).    When YHC announced ‘buddy carry double-merkin burpee suicide pyramid’… why where there so much mumblechatter..??!

Grab your buddy on your back.  Run down the hill.  Dismount.  1 double-merkin burpee.
Flap jack & remount.  Run up the hill.  Dismount.  2 double-merkin burpees.
Repeato until 10 double-merkin burpees.

Move on to a Bastille standard…we hit the pull up bars.  Half PAX knock out 2 sets of 10 pullups OYO.  Other half lungewalk uphill to wall for 10 burpees OYO.  Flapjack.

Mosey on the return to the S Village basketball courts.  Half PAX assume Irkin position, half assume dip position (X20 IC -flapjack; X20 IC – flapjack; X25 IC thanks LP!) – flapjack; X15). Recover.Circle up…but not done yet.

Merkins (X10 IC), Wide Grip Merkins (x10 IC), Diamond grip (x10 IC), Russian Hammer (X10 IC), Superman merkin (X10 IC), Heels to Heaven (X10 IC), Spiderman merkin (x10 IC), LBC (x10 IC), Hand-clap merkin (X10 IC).   Recover.

Always a true honor to lead this group in some small way.  Reminders discussed of the opportunities we have every day to have some small positive impact on those we encounter. Pending F3 Roanoke launch (4/23/16) to support Dunphy & Puffs and all of their hard work.
Winnie pending. F3Churham Risk Manager DOI expressed safety concerns.  Duly noted DOI.