A week and a half removed from the BRR, YHC was ready to get back to logging miles. Hi-Fidelity this week was the perfect remedy as 9 pax, many of whom were also fresh off their BRR experience, showed up in the gloom to stretch their legs. YHC was also eager to take on some steady flat miles after the recent mountain experience.

The Thang…

The Pax did ten 400 meter repeats with two minute recovery periods in between each lap. The desired pace on Enron’s spreadsheet was “R” pace. “R” pace is a slightly faster pace than what you keep on a 5K race. The goal is to keep consistent lap times and good form through each leg.

-The pax did well, especially Hi-Fidelity first timers Twerk and Beaker.
-Special thanks to Enron for trying to slide in an 11th lap. The rest of the pax was too good at counting though
-Thanks to Flatline for leading the cool down stretches since YHC was too gassed to remember any.

-Flatline is looking for participants to join him in the City of Oaks Marathon Nov 5. Distances offered include Full, Half M., 10k and 5k. Lamp and maybe Big Sproles? already on board.
-The Mule is Oct. 5
-No Catalyst this weekend

-Keep those in Colorado dealing with flooding in your thoughts and prayers.
-Also remember the victims and families of victims of the Naval Yard Shooting.