19 strong posted for a last minute Shut-In Q by way of a simple copy/paste error on the part of Denali.  YHC hit him up on Twitter only to find out not only could he not Q but he was in Vegas for “work” apparently.  I told him I’d step up (#FreedToLead) to Q and he told me he’d step up and put 50 on black for me.

I plan on buying a Bull shirt with my earnings…

Great group out today, nice friendly chatter, spirits were high, Goose was happy…this was gonna be easy!

Warm Up

#SignatureMove IC X 10
Cotton Pickers IC X 10
Mountain Climbers IC X 15
Standard Merkins X 15 OYO

Head out of the parking lot and halt at the back of the Community Center.

The Thang

Mini Lazy Dora of sorts:
– 50 Hand Release Merkins
– 100 Jump Lunges (each leg is a half / 1-2 legs is one / po-ta-to / po-tah-to…)
– 150 Freddies
– The “lazy” partner is doing BTTW and flapjacking when they need to

Pulse it until every group finishes then head to the parking lot median.

Some Bro Time 
– Two single file lines, Burt still on cloud 9 because Large is still his partner.
– One line squat hold / Other line plank hold
– Front man in each line sprints to far median and performs an exercise then runs back to the opposite line (completing a lap).  We did this three times:
Exercises were:
– 10 Pattycake Merkins
– 5 Bropees (although I heard some groups did 10, good for you.)
– 5 Bropees (whoever came up with that lexicon thank you, I will submit it and take full credit.)

Bropees – n. (bro-pee-z)  An excercise in which two bros perform a burpee simultaneously so that on your jump up you execute a most excellent high ten!
Ex.  Doing those bropees this morning really elevated my day, bro.

Needing Some Mileage
We gotta get moving to put some miles under our belts so we head to New Hampshire (is that what it’s called!?)  Basically the top path of the lake with the awesome romantic morning view.  The not so awesome romantic view was for anyone else in the park walking by and seeing 19 guys do the following:

Jack Webbs
Merkins : Monkey Humpers
1 : 5 ratio
We went up to 5 : 25.

Upon completion we did a large circuit of the same Bro Time thang as explained above meeting at the bottom for 5 Bropees and back to the top for 10 Pattycake Merkins.

And finally we finished with a big run across the main field, circling back to pick up our 6s.  And last but not least probably the biggest grunts of the day came with a call to bear crawl from the kiosk up the path to the road only quitting when you feel like you gave it enough you can sleep OK tonight.

TClaps to those who crawled the whole thing:  Large Mouth, PBX, High Life, anyone else?  Sorry If I left you off!

Finished once and for all with a Billy Run and 1 minute of American Hammers

Watch us go!  http://labs.strava.com/flyby/viewer/#558110976?c=dnrgw1yv&z=H&t=1N88iJ&a=ABlEIX78QyE


Prayers for Sabans church friends and family involved in the plane crash.  We lift you guys up!

I really enjoyed it today guys.  Thanks for letting me lead and I hope you stopped sweating sooner than I did…it took me a while.  Tis the season!