Three PAX turned out on a crisp, clear, damp morning to join Brick for his maiden Q. Fun was had by all.

The Warm-Up
– 1 lap around soccer fields
– SSH x 20
– Arm circles x 10
– Reverse arm circles x 10
– Imperial Walker x 10
– Willie Mays Hayes x 10
– Merkin’s x 15
– Mountain climbers x10

The Thang
– Mosey to the playground. Split into groups of 2. First twosome does 20 pull-ups each. Man 1 pull-ups, Man 2 does air squats. Second twosome does combo of derkins/dips. Switch when first group is done. Round 2: First twosome does pull-ups again while second group does combo of inverted rows on the swingset/Carolina dry docks. 4 PAX converge into one group to do 15 dips before moseying back to the field for a recovery lap before and extended helping of Usain Bolts.
– Usain Bolts x 3 rounds. First man calls out the exercise and proceeds to run width of one field. Rinse, repeat until we have cycled through the PAX 4 times.
– Recovery lap
– Extended dealer’s choice MARY. Assisi hit us with a particularly “fun” version of the plank he got from his wife in which you start with right hand high and reach under your side. Do about 10 reps, and then switch to the left side.
– Shout out to Assisi, PBR and Draper for taking the plunge with me on my first Q. Not bad first Q. Need to work on spacing the workout out a bit longer and try to get a bit more creative for the second edition.