Callahan had his maiden Q at Danger Zone last Friday as he shared the Q with YHC….what made this cool (besides Callhans great job) was the he is a huge Purdue Guy and I am huge Hokie Guy….both Engineering schools and just this past Monday VT installed it’s new prez who came to VT from……imagePurdue. Oh yeah…I love bourbon and cold beer.   No wonder Callahan and I worked well together.  12 Pax including FNGs Falwell and Castanza joined this beautiful morning.

shovel flag planted and off we went

warm up (Callahan):  Indian run, SSH, IW, Good Mornings, seal jacks, and Mountain Climbers.

the Thang (Burt)

Head to the shelter….11’s with irkins and dips

jog though the dark, down the trail, up stairs, grab a rock.  Curls, presses, and irkins….3 sets of 15 or so each

hit the trail to Cary Parkway…run a little then 10 Burbees, a little more 10 squats, 10 Merkins

head to the soccer files for 4 corners

15 star jumps, 15 lbcs, 15 Merkins and 15 seal jacks.   All together for 2 rounds.

head to basketball court…quick feat, quick feat with pumping arms and the quick feat arms overhead.

wall of fame….left right steps, durkins, left right step,ups, dips, durkins

Mary (Callahan)

memory fuzzy…6 inch leg holds around the circle, cockroach is dead, box utters, yada yada yada….


Nice work this am…especially by Callahan who is more than ready to take a full workout.

YHC took us out.