34 PAX showed up for Urban Jungles’ second official safari…was neat to see 32 men and 2 war babies gather at 5:45 for some good time together.  After a quick F3 disclosure from Au Pair we took off into the gloom….well, things were all very well lit up since we were running around North HIlls Mall, but the spirit of the gloom was still there.


Mosey to the Grassy Knoll for warm-ups.

High Knee Burpees x 10  (thank you Abacas for introducing this madness)

Good Mornings x 20

Imperial Walkers x 20

Windmills x 20

Time for our F3 Beat down; but while we were at it and at one of the finest retail shopping establishments in the country, Ms. PAX gave us her shopping list so we could kill two birds with one stone.  On to “Monkees” for a $595 dress…do they really cost this much?  After reading Ms. PAX’s letter and announcing this shop location’s Exercise of 10 Burpees, this Q was overridden and the PAX decided if we had to shop, “REI” was right beside “Monkees” and they preferred outdoor camping equipment to this way too expensive dress.  33 to 1 aint good odds, so I acquiesced but had to penalize this lack of concern for our wives wants and increased the Burpee count to 20.

Ms. PAX’s next request was for a blouse from “Charlotte’s” , so we lunge walked there from “REI”.   This Q misjudged the distance so it turned into the Walk-A-Bout referred to in Crocodile Dundee…but a little more pain can be a good thing.  20 Merkins was the exercise and count here, but again the PAX in mass wanted their time and $ spent at Varsity Men’s Wear; therefore the Merkin count had to increase to 40.  A little bit of hurt is starting to creep into the day, but we got through this and did a Mosey to “The Sunglasses Hut” for a pair of Gucci Aviators.

The exercise tied to this store was Partner Carries from Level 1 in the below ground parking deck.  Ms. PAX had little chance when competing against a cold draft/craft beer and nasty cheeseburger from “Fox & Hound”.  In trying to change PAX behavior, I added Level 2 as the start point of Partner Carries, with each PAX making two trips to Level 1 then flap jacking and their partner making two trips from Level 1 to ground level.  The above referenced hurt is turning into pain….I am hoping this will change the PAX behavior in making chooses, so we go at it….and it does indeed cause pain.  We then Mosey to JC Penny with instructions to get a little frilly dress for the trip to Nantucket.

Fountain of Youth Double Jump Ups x 15 was the announced exercise; however, with JC Penny having a women’s intimate apparel section (the PAX referred to it a little differently) the majority decided to heck with the little frilly dress and went for the *&%$#><@!^&%^%^ outfit instead.  I have to say, I went with the PAX on this one….but it meant 30 Fountain of Youth double hops instead of 15.  The stage after Pain is Numbness…and 30 of these got us there.    On to “Fink’s Jewelers” for our next station.

The requested David Yurman bracelet didn’t stand a chance, with Ben & Jerry’s right across the street.  With Cherry Garcia, Chunkey Monkey, Chocolate Therapy, Karamel Sutra, etc, the PAX gave absolutely no thought of 10 Spider Man Merkins becoming 20.   I don’t want my Ms. PAX to take this the wrong way, but by now my pride and love of my fellow PAX is starting to heat up  as I realize there is no amount of Pain that will keep them away from all the above Good Stuff!!

We are running out of time so we miss the lost shopping experience and circle up for Mary.  The little time only allows for 30 WWII Pushups.


This Q led a devotion titled  “We are only as weak as our strongest link”, and asked the PAX to Ponder on it.

Many Prayer requests were made, and lifted up in a powerful way later by Tater Tot.

Naked Moleskin:

Welcome two FNG’s, Lt. Dan and Potter Village.

Welcome back Kotter to “The Unabomber”.   We have missed you.

Another example of the Charlotte F3 guys being studs.  Big Gulp shows up in his wing tips and still out performs many of us.  Great to have you Mr. Gulp, and come back the next time you are in town.

Happy Birthday Man Ram!  And thank you for calling out the cadence on the High Knee Burpees

Thank you Gnobby for your cadence count throughout…I must confess this Q doesn’t have the wind on the real Painful exercises, so I appreciate others helping me out here.

Thank you Au Pair for the up-front disclosure.  As good as you went through this, makes me think you should have been an attorney.

Thanks to all of todays attending PAX, and putting up with my different F3 today.  It excites Gnobby, Wilson and Me with the support our new site is being given.    Wilson I hear is intending to get real up close and personal with the CapTrust Parking Deck next week.  Hope to see you then.