14 Posted for Jenny’s maiden voyage with Wilson taking over the helm long enough for Jenny to extract the tomatoes from the nets.

Warm Up run to Goose Poop Island

-SSH x 20

-Imperial Walkers x 20

-Good Mornings x 20

-Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 20

-Mountain Climbers x 20

The Thang was turned over to Wilson while Jenny swabbed the deck.

-Wheelbarrow up the steps x 3

From there we dragged our nets up to the Gazeebo.

-Box Jumps x 15

-Dips x 20

-Step Ups x 15

-Decline Merkins x 10

-Box Jumps x 10

-Dips x 13

Steamed on from there and found a nice spot to drop our nets.

-Half sprint up hill do 5 burpees/ Half do squats until partner finish x 2

Wilson then thought it was a good idea to gingerly drag our nets by the tomatoes to the rock pile.

– curls x 10

– presses x 10

– tricep presses x 10

Mary was turned back over to Jenny so Wilson could admire the colorful tomatoes laying on the deck.

-LBC x 20

-Rosalita x 20

-Homer to Marge x 15

-Windsheild Wipers x 10

-Russian Hammers x 20


– Great work by the PAX- Great job on with the wheelbarrows up the stairs.

– 2 FNGs Tin Cup and South Park.

– Word is Jenny  stayed after to drag nets for tomatoes.