The story starts a few weeks ago when Callahan signed up to Q on his 2nd anniversary with F3. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago, recognizing this was also his birthday, Ma Bell made a blood pact with Callahan to co-Q. Thus the term Birthdaversay was born. It’s worthy of Lexicon lore, dontcha think?

Wait, there’s a new guy here. But he’s not an FNG, he is Grinch from the mother ship no doubt cleverly planted by Dredd to spy on the rogue Carpex PAX. Instead of the usual random surprise inspection by the likes of Mini Me, this time he has embedded the spy to act as one of our own and report back the goings on and shenanigans through a series of encrypted messages and secluded money drops. High intrigue indeed.

After synching our watches to within 20 seconds or so, the co-Qs decided it was time to start, so here we go.Ma Bell goes first.

Warm Up

First exercise is…what else? The standard merkin x 51 IC. Follow Ma Bell up the road toward the front of the park with a couple of interlaced backwards runs to the parking lot just above the upper field. Circle up

20 x SSH IC
10 x GM IC
10 x Squats IC

To the upper field for The Thang!

Count off into 1s and 2s

1s: In honor of our fallen primate brother in Cincinnati, gorilla hop to the 18 yard line (whatever the hell that is), run to midfield (“gorilla island”) and do 20 monkey humpers. Run to the other 18 yard line and gorilla hop to the far goal line for 10 merkins. Then reverse the sequence back to the starting goal line and plank hold.
2s: Run the perimeter of the entire field, stopping for 20 merkins at the opposite goal, 20 more merkins at the starting goal line, then plank hold.

Follow Ma Bell to the lower field where it is certainly cooler and less humid. Not.

1s: Karaoke to midfield for 20 merkins. Continue karaoke to the opposite goal line for 20 more merkins. Reverse the sequence: back to midfield for 20 merkins, then karaoke to the starting goal and squat hold.
2s: Run the perimeter of the entire field, stopping at the opposite goal for 25 merkins. This one finally broke Ollie of the desire to ever do another merkin. Keep going around back to the original goal for a final 25 merkins.

That’s 211 merkins in 20 minutes. You’ll thank Ma Bell later. At this point, Ma Bell became a follower and ceded the torch to Callahan.Thanks for allowing me to lead, and for the birthday wishes. The best one was by Shutty’s 2.0!

Here’s what happened next

Triple Mary
WWII Sit Up, followed immediately by 1 Low Slow Flutter, followed immediately by 1 LBC.
Continue 2 reps of each, then 3 reps …up to 11 reps of each.

Head over to the sideline for 11s with Proposals (take a knee, drop the other knee, then stand back up) and Jump Knee Tucks.

When finished, do a set of BTTW with a 10-count down the line, followed by a set of People’s Chair with a 10-count.

Circle up for the final exercise of the day…Have A Nice Day (take a minute to lay back and meditate on the blessings we have and the things we’re thankful for).

Count/Name-a-rama: 16 (3 respects, 1 hate, 12 mehs). Welcome to Cary, Grinch! Carpex Diem, brother.
Announcements: F3 Dads, Saturday, Fletcher Park, 0930
Prayer Requests: Chef Tell’s M and soon-to-be 2.0 (Jeff Tell), Callahan’s sister-in-law, who is also due very soon
BOM: Callahan took us out

NMS (in Callahan’s words)

  • I was expecting record-breaking numbers for the Birthdiversary this morning. I mean, 16 isn’t bad, but I was thinking we’d see at least 20.
  • Then I realized that Ma Bell and Callahan were leading the charge and only the REAL men dared to show up!
  • Well, that’s what I keep telling myself.
  • Ma Bell started things off with a 51-gun salute. Very appropriate. The PAX figured it out after about 20 merkins.
  • We did NOT do 51 Good Mornings, much to my chagrin.
  • Ma also got faked out with the “Disclaimer? For the FNG?” claim by Katniss. If youda been there, youda known my dude ‘Biner did the Murph yesterday morning.
  • Full disclosure…YHC was not at the Murph
  • YHC also got 30 merkins into the #MemorialMerkinChallenge before getting lazy and calling it quits.
  • Ma Bell did not approve. Sure…says the guy with a daisy doo rag on
  • I’m 150 burpees behind in the #FNGBurpee challenge……
  • Shut In is a sissy pants.
  • The best thing to happen this morning – Everhart (F.K.A. Airbag, Hotspot, and Earhart) was talking to ‘Biner and said, “Man, if you can do the Murph, you can do anything.” (referring to ‘Biner’s first post). ‘Biner’s response – “This was much harder than yesterday.”
    That’s a WIN, Ma Bell! A WIN! I know you’re not used to those, but wins are good things.
  • YHC’s cadence counts on Triple Mary were pretty suspect. #illbebetterwhenim30
  • “Ninja Ollie” might be the scariest iteration of Ollie, if you ask me.
  • It’s 5:00PM and I told Ma I’d have this to him by Noon.
  • I should go.

This was the second (actually 3rd if you count the 530 merkins) part of a week-long Carpex Memorial Week challenge. After today, there are only 7 contenders. You know who you are.