Run to base of Upper Lot

Actual Warm up – 20 each
Good morning
Side Shuffle Hop
Mountain Climbers

Jacob’s Ladder: Merkins at the top, run back and do Prisoner Squats at the bottom. Plank until everyone is done.

20 Merkins / 5 Prisoner Squats
15 Merkins / 10 Prisoner Squats

10 Merkins / 15 Prisoner Squats
5 Merkins / 20 Prisoner Squats

Run counter-clockwise to soccer field

Spread out over 50 yards. Total distance each set 50 yards with 25 at each end
Set 1: Backwards run with Carolina Dry Docks
Set 2: Butt kickers with LBC’s
Set 3: High knee run (touch knees) with Merkins
Set 4: Karaoke with Mountain Climbers
Set 5: Sprint with WWII Situps
Set 6: Sprint with Burpees



Heels to Heaven
Six-inch leg holds (count to 10)



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