Rain at Flood Zone this morning.  So beautiful and fitting.  But there’s plenty of shelter in the deck and that’s surely why 26, including 1 FNG posted here today.  2 showed for Extra Credit (simple jog around perimeter of the mall), which was completely ignored by Site Q, both in the twitters and in real life.  I always assumed if you Q’d FloodZone, you Q’d Extra Credit here too!

Warmup: SSH — GoodMornings — ImperialWalkers — FazioCircles — 5 Burpees OYO

Main Event:

-Count off into 4s and get in your numbered line for an Indian Run.  When the leader of the line gets back to the front, stop for 3 burpees.  Repeat all the way around to the Belk entrance.

-Mosey up into parking deck and partner up for Doracides: collective 100 Merkins, 200 LBC’s, 300 Squats while partners switch off running suicide sprints

-Various Planks until all in.

-Down to the ramp for a set of 7s — WWIIs at the bottom, Merkins at the top

*Was this ramp abnormally busy today?  Lotta cars flying around.  Some patient and understanding that a bunch of dudes bettering themselves this way is normal.  Some wildly beeping the horn until sufficient space was cleared.  Geez lady, let me finish this 5 Merkin count before you run me over!!

-Quick Feet x 40 and then All You Got to the starting point

Mary: Fred Mercuries, Merican Hammers, and Countrywide wouldn’t stop screaming for Have a Nice Day, so we did that too.

Announcements:  5th Anniversary Party on 4/8 at Wendell Gee’s.  SIGN UP asap if you haven’t — Arena this afternoon.  Go if you can make it!

Prayer Requests:  RainMan’s family.  Surely many unspoken.

ManRam took us out with grace.

Welcome FNG Sassoon (who’s in the hair salon business).  Great to have you out.

Thanks for posting today gents!