It is good to be back. After a summer of injury and recovery, YHC is on the upswing. Spot posts here and there over the last few weeks have proven just how out of shape one can become. But what better way to jump start things back to life, than to Q the beloved Urban Jungle. UJ will always hold a special place in YHC’s heart, as it was a staple of my weekly schedule for a long time.

31 PAX answered the call on a warm September morning. One FNG present, so a disclaimer was given, and away we went.

Mosey to the front parking lot by Wells Fargo and Exxon.

SSHx20, Good Mornin x15, Imperial Walker x20, Mountain Climbers x20

Frogger over to the First Citizens parking lot hill. Partner up.

Partner 1 – AMRAP WWII sit-ups, Partner 2 – Run to the top of the hill, 5 hand release merkins, Flapjack

Repeato until all PAX have climbed the merkin pyramid of 5-10-15-20-15-10-5 (=80 total)

Time for bear crawl chase. Partner 1 – bear crawl Partner 2 – 10 sumo squat jumps, run to your partner and pick up bear crawling where your partner is. Complete a full loop around the parking lot.

Dying cockroaches x20

Mosey back to the JCP parking lot. Partner 1 – sprint to the end of the parking lot and back. Partner 2 AMRAP burpees until your partner arrives. Flapjack and repeat so each PAX runs twice.

Mary – LBCs x50, Freddie Mercurys x30

Naked Moleskin-

-YHC is a big fan of the hand release merkins. Encourages better form, although some will always find a way to shortcut. The Baker Roofing guys get an early start to the day apparently. There was some frogger involved in this set.

-Bear crawl chase sucked, legs were burnin.

-Good to be back out and see many familiar faces. A lot of unfamiliar faces as well, which is great. Keep posting and dragging newbies out of their sad clown slumber.

-Named our FNG who works in the furniture industry – Rooms-to-Go. Welcome.

-Only announcement was 9/11 Stair Climb, which will take place over at NC State.

Baby Farley prayed for us.