Back in the Highlife Again

11 PAX including 1 FNG gathered to welcome in the new year with a 19 themed WO.  Welcome, FNG Walnut Creek!

Warmup:  1 big lap then circled up at BB court

19 SSH, 19 IW, 19 Windmill, 19 MCs, 19 Nipplers, 19 Plankjacks

19s for 19 min at the Bus Loop:  1 merkin, 18 air squats, 2 merkins, 17 air squats, etc, etc

Follow YHC around school, stop for 19 urkins, 19 durkins

Rock work: 19 curls, 19 OH press, bent over rows during rock trivia x 2.  1 trivia answered correctly, 1 trivia answered correctly with help: 19 diamond merkin penalty reduced to 10.

Mary:  19 LBCs, 19 AHs, 19 Flutterkicks

Announcements: 89 for F3 convergence on NYD, backblast reminder following Qs.

Prayers:  Spurrier’s parents;  YHC took us out in 1st prayer at TC for 2019!

QIC: Dabo
Workout Date: 01/02/19
The PAX: Art Vandalay, LBJ, Salt Life, Spurrier, Fruity Pebbles, Vanderbeek, Skymiles, Hammertoes, XXX, Walnut Creek (FNG), Dabo

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