… is magical.

YHC planted the Cary Danger Zone Flag at the trailhead across from the entrance to Our Lady of Lourdes for this week’s edition of Lourdes of Discipline and my maiden Q outside of the Cary Bubble.

No FNG’s present = no disclaimer.

21 PAX joined and we hit the trail into the Gloom.  Warm up on the run with a stop or 3 on the way for: 10 Burpees OYO, 10 Star Jumps OYO and 10 Plank Jacks OYO.  No casualties, but a few bumps as the darkness and the random OYO stops caught a few by surprise.

We hit field #2 for the Warm Up.

  • SSH x 18, IW x 18, Mountain Climbers x 18, Wind Mill x 18

The Thang:

#1:  Line up on the end line for 18’s.

  • Run to mid field 16 standard merkins, run back 2 sumo squats, run back to mid field for 14 merkins, run back for 4 sumo squats and etc until2 merkins and 16 sumos.

#2 Partner Up on the line.

  • P1 runs to the far end of the field, P2 does prisoner squats…flap jack
  • P1 does 15 decline merkins on P2 back, flap jack
  • P1 runs to the far end, P2 does plank jack….flap jack
  • P1 does 10 decline merkins on P2 back, flap jack
  • P1 runs to the far end, P2 planks, flap jack
  • P1 does 5 decline merkins on P2 back, flap jack

#3 Mosey to the shelter.

  • Dips x18, incline merks x 18, left right alternating step ups x18, repeat

#4 Mosey to the curb.

  • quick feet x 18, then 10 jump knee tucks OYO, quick feet x 18, then 10 star jumps, quick feet x18

#5 Back to the field for Jack Webb to 10

  • Run back to the street

#6 1 minute of Mary:  ‘Merican Hammers x 18, six inch leg hold around the circle 2x with a simple 21 count off.


Honey Do turns 42 today!!  Happy Birthday big boy.

Crotch Rocket joins from CLT.  Nice to have you in Raleigh.

Friar Tuck took us out with his usual strong message.

It was great fun leading you men this am…I will be back!

Peace and blessings.