13 PAX for a magical day at Detention.  1 for Pre-Run (if you count running around the track setting out cones as a pre-run … I do).  For months VHS has been whispering “Winter Is Coming” during workouts and now it is finally here… sort of.  Surprisingly no FNGs for 40 degrees at West Millbrook today.  While it was quite a bit colder than Monday, it was perfect weather for a few laps around the track under the watchful gaze of Orion and The Big Dipper.

Warm up

SSH x20
GM x10
IW x20
SFAC x10 Seal Claps x10 Reverse x10
MC x10
Hold plank

The Thang

The track was prepared with cones at the end of each straightaway and at the 50 meter marks.  Here’s how we did our laps, each starting at the 50 meter mark on the front stretch:

Burpee Broad Jump to next cone (50 meters), Sprint to next cone (through the curve – 100 meters), Walk to the next Cone (50 meters), Repeato back to the start

Bear crawl to next cone, Lunge walk curve, crab walk to next cone, Repeato back to start

Classic merkin lap next.  Run to each cone stop for Standard Merkins Cone 1, Hand Release Cone 2, Diamond Cone 3, Repeat sequence for final three cones

Classic squat lap next.  Run to each cone stop for Air Squats Cone 1, Star Jump Cone 2, Sumo Jump Squat 3, Repeat sequence for final three cones

Next exercise is Guantanamo.  PAX on their six with legs bent at 90 degrees heels off the ground.  Starting at right, PAX runs the line pushing down the legs of fellow PAX members while they tighten abs and try to keep legs up.  When finished repeato starting with the left.

Mary was done while running the track.  Stop at each cone for exercise.

Freddy Mercury, Box Cutter, LBC, Plank Jacks, Peter Parkers

Find a spot on the bleachers for:

LRSU x20
Dirkins x21 (lost count)
Dips x20

Back to the parking lot for American Hammer x5 (ran out of time… maybe because Beaver and Lunacy were 1 minute late to start… maybe)

Prayer requests

Prayers for parents, new parents, parents of teenagers, parents of adults.  Parenting isn’t easy.  Prayers for patience, wisdom, comfort and love.

Papercut took us out with grace.


Life is going to throw things at you that you don’t expect. Don’t be afraid to audible. The only people that know what your play was supposed to be are on your team.  They love you, they want you to succeed.  They trust your instincts.  The plan was not to do Mary as we ran around the track today, but I forgot to pick up the cones the lap before.  No one knew that wasn’t plan (until I told them).  Call an audible, run with it and learn from it.

QIC: Pygmy
Workout Date: 10/18/17
The PAX: Simmons, B&E, VHS, Tinkertoy, Jer Bear, Lunacy, Melamine, Beaver, Mr. Rogers, CDC ("Hey Buddy"), Papercut, Sand Dollar, Pygmy

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