12 Pax in the Darkness…off we go

The Thang:

Thanksgiving Dinner Hold the Turkey Add F3 Meat and Potatoes

Warm Up: Run ’round the yard art; ’round the park bench that is some time occupied; pass the hill that is technically unnamed; up the cut by an apparent community garden to the back of the soccer field with elevated corners.  SSHs, Sir Nigel Fazio Arm Circles, Mountain Climbers, Wind mills, jump rope hops (imaginary).

First Course: Alternating Merican + Leg combo.  15 Standard Mericans; 30 Air Squats; 15 Wide Mericans; 30 Dan Jansens; 15 Diamond Mericans; 30 Single Leg Deadlifts Alternating; 25 CDDs; 30 Stationary Lunges Alternating; 15 Standard Mericans; 30 Air Squats

Transit: Run up and down in a diversionary snake pattern to shake the hold-out KGB agents following us a la Rocky IV

Second Course: Pavillion.  Incline Mericans + Alternating Left/Right Step Ups + Decline Mericans + Pistol Squats Alternating + Dips + Alternating Left/Right Step Ups + Dips + Pistol Squats Alternating

Intermission: 5 Sets X Partner 1 5 Pull Ups Partner 2 High Plank Hold; OYO; (HQ called; said friendly forces in the area required us to do another set) So, six sets.

Transit: Run to home plate (a la Wendell Gee).  Lunge walk a straight line to the corner formerly known as second base; run back on a straight line to home plate (like a baseball or a crow might fly) X 5; Run to that shady patch where TARP did that thing a while ago.

Mary: Continuously from Rosalitas to AO Crunches to Hello Dolly/Cannon Ball Combos to ((5 Sarkozy Count + 5 Mericans + 5 Putins) X 4.  Finish with 30 All American Hammers


  • Live from Fred Fletcher Park, we rock out like it’s March 2012.  If you can’t hear yourself while reading this backblast, it’s the drowning sound of bagpipes mourning the last of Ringworm’s 20s.  30 arrives tomorrow.
  • No better way to kick off the day than with the “Hey, Money Hose!  We’ve got an FNG…” Cue the FNG in the standard issue Mahoney sweatshirt (Police Academy not Steroid) with university of choice emblazoned.
  • It’s March 2012 because we had Linda in the building park.  Long time listeners know that Linda is straight original gangster gangsta in the F3 world.  Also great to have everyone’s favorite energy company with shady accounting practices.
  • Pop Quiz:  Name all jump rope tricks you know: we came up with Double Dutch and Shimmy Shimmy Coco Puff
  • Thanksgiving season means quirky family traditions.  No one volunteered some tradition of leaving a place setting for a deceased pet’s ashes or anything, but we did get a flavor.  Flavor especially with Marley and Linda who fry and smoke turkeys, respectively.  This is a good thing for Linda; he previously smoked Kools.  Au Pair has some sort of heavily scheduled holiday where he will interact with distant and by-marriage relatives in 15 minutes increments and 15 minutes only (“I’m sorry Cousin Frank, but I’m behind and Aunt Maude’s ‘meet and greet’ should’ve started 30 seconds ago…” ) On the other end of the spectrum, Mister and Missus Minnie open their house to everyone in 5 Points who lacks a table at which to dine.  Ringworm and his family go to the casino in North Carolina that shall remain unnamed.  There’s only one.  Enron ritually endures the pain that is Hate Hate (not 20 somethings but instead GA Tech- GA football).  And Munson plays shotgun start golf by himself (it’s taken a while to get the Club Pro at Bushwood Country Club comfortable with what appears to be unnecessary shotgunning for a one-man round).  YHC is apparently in a decided minority about a certain dressing with a certain mollusk.
  • Our FNG is a strong supporter of the MS State Bulldogs-wait, no it’s Ole Miss.  Whatever.  Submitted names accumulated but we ended up at Cowbell. This is a big spirit thing in Oxford, no?  Apparently not.
  • The Procedures Committee is studying how exactly Ringworm got his name.  Not sure if there was any truth that he contracted it overseas on his hand? That was the allegation.
  • Can’t remember Sidecar’s odd tradition–too discombobulated that he was not this week dressed like Lawrence of Arabia.  And Dieter bakes a mean pecan pie.  And he dances.
  • Finally, there’s a little spot in the pavillion on a straight line from the stone circle to the backstop where the elevation is just right to see a magnificent sunrise through the trees.  It was remarkable today in the literal sense that we actually remarked about the thing.  When we send the F3 Annual Report to press, we should send a photog out to catch that view.

That is all.