YHC had the honors and word on the street was that it would be too easy but he wanted to scope out the lot and keep it minimal running-

Ec- pickachu/ mookie/ 2×2 and yes tofu for hot lap-
It was only right to include kid cracker since he had been part of southwake for few years- kid cracker does the worlds best stretches- he led the warm up-

  • Ssh -20
  • Fazio-20
  • Imperial walker /hill billies
  • Merkins (20)
  • Good afternoons-
  • Right left foot
  • Pretzel- switch
  • Down word dawgs- yes swing the knees under / drop shoulders- it hurts-

YHC took it from there for some curb appeal- spring time

Here we go- run between curb-
2 burpees
20 sec plank
2 burpees/ 4 squats
20 sec
2 b/ 4 squats /6 merkins
2 b/ 4 squats /6 merkins / 8 right hand/ 10 left hand
12 dips/ 14 side merkins /16 pickle pounders
182 total merkins were performed
Lots of moaning and crying-
Take a quick lap to give those arms a rest and plank hold-

YHC asked the pax to call out ab exercise- can not remember who called what- but ‘key chain called the best cadence for 20 merkins
Low slow fluters

4 mnt plank yes we went there- ( suffer in silence)- pickachu was the time keeper- ever 30 sec we switched- arms were feeling it at this time..

Kid stretched us back for the last 4 mnts.. to keep us injury free-

Kudos Praise- skid mark hitting / driving/ leading – loosing 17# since January- T- claps

Intention living- Murph w/ purpose- in honor of ppl and make an impact in others-

Prayers for crab legs and pax w/ IR- reach out- keep them engaged-

Thanks for the opportunity-
I am the 3rd- love watching others excel
#992 strong since I started this thing called ‘F-3’