Four Pax entered, ready to plant the VSF, and noticed something a little different.  Dufresne
was chillin’ in a easy chair downstairs instead of our usual workout location upstairs.  Dufresne was grinning from ear to ear like he knew something we didn’t.  YHC might be QIC on paper, but wasn’t the one calling the shots here.  Dufrense’s nurse and mother-in-law were in the kitchen and about to witness what this thing is all about.  If YHC didn’t know better, he’d think Dufresne enjoyed the change of venue and perhaps a larger audience…there was one more surprise for the Pax…

Leg Lifts – (alternating) sets of 20 x 2
Leg Rolls – (alternating) sets of 20 x 2
Core Sit Ups – sets of 10 x 10
Happy Jacks – (oblique side to side) sets of 10 x 10
Elbow/Bicep Squeezes – aka Chicken Wings – (alternating) 2 x 20
Diamond Arm Push–aka Checkin’ the Animal for Weapons–(alternating) 2 X 20
Pile Drivers (alternating) 2 x 20
Bicep Extension with the rubber band (arms in 45 degree angle, extend arms down and toward the floor) – set of 20 x 2
Arm Extension (again with rubber band, arms straight out, push arms/hands toward the floor) – set of 20 x 2
The Fly Swatter formerly known as The Hand L&R (alternating) set of 10 (using hand weight, hand extended out like you’d swat flies, moving left and right)
The Hand Up & Down (alternating) set of 10 (no weights, hand stretched out with palm facing the floor, move hand up and down)
Wax On Wax Off (alternating) set of 10 left and right, set of 10 up and down
Milking the Cow (alternating) set of 10 (using pink foam cube for hand strength – working to get another foam cube).

Great prayer by Duff – for strength, healing, and perseverance for Dufresne, for the blessing of working out with our brother, and for God’s hands around his family.

Without fail every Hopebuilder workout brings something new. Most often we learn something new about Dufresne or something about ourselves through his example.  Today our Pax grew by one during the workout and it was perhaps the best addition of all.  We welcomed Dufresne’s son Braxton (Pack Man) who may be the youngest War Baby to post at age 7.  Please comment if YHC is mistaken.  Seeing Dufresne’s eyes light up as his son joined us for COT and say Braxton Young, Pack Man, 7 was priceless.  Welcome aboard Pack Man!

T-claps to Dufresne for incredible work.  This was the first back to back workout for Dufresne and our cadence count tripled the reps for him on some exercises.

T-claps to Duff for his first post today – glad to have you as part of this thing.  Great to have Grillz back for his first post since he helped Maize and me launch this thing.

The Google Doc has been updated, adding a third workout on Fridays and amending the start time for all workouts to 1600 (4:00 PM).  There are slots available for Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday of next week.  Sign up, jump on, and be ready to be moved.