Just another beautiful Saturday morning in Raleigh – 38 degrees and steady rain…. Turnout of 19 well exceeded expectations.

Extra Credit – Tclaps to the 4 mile pre-run group – Fazio, Costco, Deliverance, Friar Tuck, and MacGruber


SSH X 25; Good morning X 15; Imperial walker X 20.

During pre-run, YHC determined that original plan was in need of re-work…so puling from prior Catalyst workouts, revamped plan was originated..

That Thang:

Done in group circle on Q count – fast tempo – no breaks or stopping: burpees X 10; ski-ab X 20; merkin X10; squat jump X 20; mountain climber X 20; high knees X 30; squats X 20; merkins X 10; high knees X 30; burpees X 10.

Indian run to tower parking deck: bear crawl up the first ramp and plank for PAX.

Parking deck circuit – run the ramps and stop for OYO exercise on the flat – plank when done wait for PAX- 6 levels – 1 – 20 burpees; 2 – 20 merkins; 3 – 20 squats; 4 – 20 burpees; 5 – 20 merkins; 6 – 20 squats.

At the top – split into two groups – Group 1 does balls to the wall walk to the left – 10 count in cadence; group 2 does LBC’s; Flapjack; Repeato – each group does both exercises 2 times; Group 1 does wall plank (plank position with legs parallel to ground and feet against the wall) – 10 count in cadence; group 2 does dying cockroach; Flapjack; Repeato – each group does both exercises 2 times

Back down the parking deck – repeat the same circuit as done on the way up.

Bear crawl down the final ramp; Crab walk the flat entrance; line up and Indian run back to school.

In parking lot – “screw your partner” – splint into same groups – group 1 picks exercise for group 2 – group 1 planks while group 2 does exercise – Flapjack – Exercises: Hindu merkins X 20; 8 point man makers X 10; Peter Parkers X 10 in cadence; Diamond merkins X 10 in cadence. Entire group – 20 burpees.


Great work by a great group. Wonderful turnout for a cold ugly Saturday morning.

COT – prayers for Hush Puppy and Pink Slip. Announcements – mud run 4/11; Raleigh 3 year anniversary 3/7; Krispy Crème challenge 2/14. Start thinking about blue ridge relay teams if you’re interested.

Honor to lead you men. Thanks for pushing me and the rest of the PAX.