The faint mournful cries arising from multiple Sisyphus ascents during previous campaigns still hung in the air as the PAX gathered under the clouded early gloom. But today’s outing would not include the legendary mount. Instead, our merry band took to higher ground, staying on the move and declining the 10-count. We had a day of Sabbath. Back to toiling beside your brothers. That’s why we’re here. Here’s how it went down.


Warmup: SSH x20 / The Good Morning x20 / The Star Jump (jump on 1) / The Merkin x20 / Imperial Walkers x20 / The Windmill x20

Jog to baseball outfield

Zoo Animal Jailbreak – (around four 25-yd-spaced cones in the baseball outfield)

1) Bear Crawls 2) Crab Walks 3) Gorilla Crawls 4) Scorpions 

Jog back to the parking lot

Burpee Suicide Runs oyo  25 > 20 > 15 > plank

Prisoner Squats x20

Merican Suicide Runs oyo   20 > 15 > 10 > plank

Alternating lunges x20

Wide-Grip Merican Suicides oyo  20 > 15 > 10 > plank

Move to baseball field fence

Balls to the Wall x20 / People’s Chair x15

Balls to the Wall x20 / People’s Chair x15

Balls to the Wall x25 / People’s Chair x15

Circle up for Mary

MARY: Heels to Heaven x25 / Russian Hammers x20 / High Plank Hold x10 / Sarkozi x10/ Putin x10 / Low Plank x10 / High Plank x10 / Freddy Mercury x25


  • Welcome FNG Katahdin
  • Sign up to encourage our man Dufresne:
  • 3/13 630pm – Beer tasting at Raleigh Brewing Company (grub from Bella Monica) – FNG-friendly 2ndF event
  • 3/22 930am – F3 Dads/Sons/Daughters workout at Fletcher Park
  • Tar Heel 10-miler on April 26th – Sign up now, it’s cheaper.
  • GoRuck Challenge – 5/3 (Ruck training under way already)

PRAYER: Several needs for prayer for the PAX family members, including Dufresne, a friend of Enron, YHC’s brother and others.

Jesus said at one point, “The Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

That’s amazing. Through him, the whole world was made, but he came to humbly serve and give his life away.

In F3, the way we put it is, “I am 3rd.” God first. People around me second. I am third.

Go from here today looking not for how to be served, but to serve.

First Opportunity: Pray for the man next to you on your right.

RATINGS led us out in a solid prayer, praying that we would be 3rd. Aye!