As the PAX of 100+ began to make their way to their stations at Pullen for the convergence, a PAX of 8 including YHC began the run to The Arena.  Making our way onto campus we were met by 3 more faithful PAX to bring our total to 11.  After a brief greeting we were off to the courtyard to make our presence as visible as possible, being present seems to be the order of The Arena so far.

The Thang:

Warm up:

SSH x 20, Good Morning’s x 15, Imperial Walkers x 15, & Windmills x 15

Find a spot on in on the seating, dips x 15, alternating L/R step-ups x 15, repeto

Jog past the Detox Center to the back lot and grab a rock: curls x 12, presses x 12, extensions x 12, repeato x 10 reps per

Head to the field

Jacobs Ladder, merkins & burpies, jog to the first pole for 1 burpie & back for 7 merkins, begin the climb OYO

Lunge walk to the first pole, bear crawl to the top of the short hill, sprint to the next pole, more of the same to the top of the field at Dix.  merkins and sprints back to the start OYO

Back to the courtyard for Mary: 30 LBC’s, 6 inch leg hold for a 5 count around the ring o PAX

COT:  YHC dug for a bit of Scripture reference from Friar Tuck to get to his point, Galatians 6:2 “Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.”  As only our second time at The Arena and yet no current clients stepping into the ring, YHC reminded the PAX that “the law of Christ” is to love our neighbors as ourselves and to love Him by doing so.  Being present at The Arena, and being present with our F3 brothers is part of bearing one another’s burdens.  Think of who’s life you can be intentionally present in this week, step out in love and be there for someone.

Prayers for Friar Tuck’s brother and God’s guidance in his marriage, and for the F3 PAX presence at The Arena to begin to change lives in the men of The Healing Place.

Friar Tuck led us out in a mighty prayer before most of the PAX headed back to Pullen for another bit of Mary and COT.