One might assume the title of this BackBlast to be figurative, or symbolic. Yeah. You would think that. But that’s moving too fast. See the Moleskine below…

225pm. Seventeen men gathered in the Healing Transitions courtyard. Hog jawing. Hand shaking. Life spieling.

230pm. Time for the pax to strike out and see what’s in store. The Arena launches, and we head for the large rock pile just across from the front of the property. There we would stay, and there we would pay:


SSH / Good Afternoons / Slow-count mericans / other stuff

Grab a rock larger than you think you should pick. Circle up for the series:
. Rock Quick Feet
. Rock Curls
. Rock side mogul hops
. Rock Presses
. Rock Quick Feet
. Rock Tricep extensions
. Rock front mogul hops
. Rock bent rows
. Rock side mogul hops
. Rock chest presses
. Rock Quick feet

Large rock placed in the middle of the circle.
One PAX goes to the middle and holds the Large Rock overhead as long as possible, mixing in overhead presses to increase difficulty…
Meanwhile, the PAX around the circle do the following until middle man drops the Large Rock:
. Mericans
. Burpees
. Squats
. Reverpees
. Squats
. Aquamans
. Spiderman Mericans
. Crab Toe Touches
. Burpees
. And more stuff till we got around the circle

Final Exercise: All PAX hold rock overhead, 10 count around the circle


. CW’s 2.0, Aslan, killed it on the ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK, foisting the boulder overhead like an Ultimate Fighter raising the champ’s belt.
. Several of the HT PAX showed a ton of heart, sticking it out when it got to really sucking.
. Okay, kept you waiting long enough. Upon naming, one FNG, a War Daddy, needed naming. Our man Orwell, having hung with him through the post, proceeded to divulge a few life details. Stuff like, he lived in NYC once. He’s had a lot of different jobs. And, he was once shot four times and then had his eye gouged out with a knife. And as Orwell explains this part, he provides visual aid: Pulls out his right eye as proof. You’re wishing you had posted at this point. Duff has to look away. Pretty sure Aslan leaned in for a closer look. And we proceeded to name him Terminator.

. You REALLY need to post at The Arena if you haven’t. One of the best things happening in F3Raleigh.
. Ambassador tomorrow, some HT PAX will post.

. Men brought concerns for healing, for family members struggling, for attitudes and outlooks during the holidays.
. YHC shared Colossians 3.13 – “Forgive as the Lord forgave you.” Short and simple. God forgave us when we were a mess and before we did anything to deserve it. And that’s how we are to forgive. It’s not easy. It starts with seeing how great God’s forgiveness is.