The Thang:

Start with a jog up to the parking lot:
Two sets of Karaoke left and right around the lot.
Find some curb for Quick Feet, Calf Raises and Fazio Arm Circles F/B x 20

Jog to Stone Circle:
Dips x 15
Decline Merkins x 10

Jog to Picnic Shelter:
Roof Truss Pull ups in cadence x 7 (Money Hose made us calculate the minimum spacing so as to not exceed the 20psf Min Roof Live Load required by the NC Building Code. He decided a 3.2′ spacing was acceptable, so we continued.)
Alt R/L step ups on the picnic tables x 25
Repeat before jogging to the ball field.
Bear Crawl down the field to the base of Hamburger Hill.

Backwards run Jacobs Ladder w/ 3, 2 & 1 burpees.

Next jog up to the House of Cats and split in two:
Group 1 – Balls to the wall
Group 2 – Squat Hold
(There was an impromptu group count which I believe approximated a x20)
Repeat and back to circle.

Repeat the circuit again with the following alterations:
Pull ups x3, partner Wheel barrow in lieu of Bear Crawls and Forward run at the Ladder.

Finish at the Stone Circle w/ Marry:
LBC x 25
Box Cutters x 20
Hello Dolly x 20

Thanks to Floppy for closing us out.