Yeah, so I was sore after the Mule. But I’ve felt worse post-CSAUP(#bookbag), and by the time Tuesday morning rolled around I was ready to go. True Grit was the 2nd AO I ventured to in F3. I hung around North Hills for a couple of weeks and figured I’d try another workout. Vila was Q that day and he pure-T kicked my ass. It’s a great site with a great group of regulars. I tried to take a few of my favorites from this site and mold them into one workout today. Here’s what we did:

-Side Straddle Hop X 10
-Merkin X 10
-Good Morning X 10
-Wide Grip Merkin X 10
-Imperial Walker X 10
-Diamond Merkin X 10

Brisk run down the left side of the trail to the split before the bridge. Partner up. 1 pax stays put and does AMRAP exercise while partner sprints to the top near the parking lot.
-Squats, Flutters, Plank to Squats

Lunge walk, high knee back to the boathouse. Sprint back to the top of the dam and back to the parking lot. Plankarama.

Run down other side of path to the bottom of the dam and grab a rock. Run back out and gather on the path in front the open grass field.

Bear Crawl Burpee Rock Toss.
Throw your rock, bear crawl to it, 2 burpees. Throw your rock, bear crawl to it, 4 burpees. So on and so forth until I have the pax turn around. Go back toward the path with descending number of burpees back down to 2.

Rock Squat Curl Press X 40.

Run back to the dam and drop our friends. Take the hill(had to get 1 trip in). Run back down around the path to the parking lot.

Flutter X 30

Haven House, The Arena. Go to both if you haven’t.