YHC responded to the call for a Catalyst Q on Wednesday night and spent a couple days thinking about all the possible options that this AO now offers.  It was a few weeks ago that I last posted at this site and we had a chance to explore some of the area where much of the Kane construction has been ongoing or completed.  With that in mind, YHC started formulating a plan to expand even further into some of the new concrete castles that beg for the PAX to come conquer.

15 PAX (including a guest from Wilmington F3, four in the RESPECT bracket, and two on the Respect doorstep) posted on a perfect 57 degree morning ready to get after it and that is what we did.  Here’s what went down…


  • SSH x 3 (quick jog over to the First Citizens parking lot) and then resume SSH to 20.
  • Imperial Walker x20
  • Good AM x20
  • Count off by 3’s and then get into groups of 3
  • 3 Man Indian Run to Church of the Apostles (up Rowan, right on Camelot / stay on St. Albans, right into the Church stopping at the top parking lot).  Squat hold for the six.
  • Quick Feet Burpees (5 count quick feet cadence + 1 burpee) x 10

Parking Deck 1:

  • Run up the stairs stopping at each level to do burpees adding 1 burpee with each floor (ex: Level 2 = 1 burpee, Level 3 = 2, on up to Level 8)
  • Enjoy the awesome view of the Sunrise + Downtown Raleigh while doing People’s Chair
  • Irkins x 20
  • Dirkins x10 (OYO)
  • Jog back downstairs stopping on Level 2, Squat Hold
  • Sprint to the exit stopping at the yellow painted jump up’s

Jungle Gym (massive audible as the set of toys here was an unexpected surprise):

  • Split into the 3 groups for station rotations (twice through each one)
    1. Pullups x10 or Rope Climb
    2. Battle Ropes x20
    3. Dips

Parking Deck 2:  same as before with increasing burpees on each level (7 levels).  Peoples Chair waiting for the six.  Jog back down the stairs and plank hold in the courtyard between the parking deck and the Allscripts / SunTrust building.

  • Bear crawl to the fountain
  • 10 Monkey Humpers
  • Gorilla back and plank hold

Indian Run (regular) to the fountain at the World of Beer.  Circle up.

  • 15 Alternating Right-Left Step up Burpees
  • Fellowship Jog back to the First Citizens round building
  • Split into the 3 groups.  Group 1 sprints 100+ yards the side parking lot of the other First Citizens office building that faces Rowan/Carroll.  Groups 2 and 3 follow suit with each group waiting until the prior group is halfway before they sprint.


  • WWII x 15
  • American Hammers x 15
  • In & Outs x 15
  • Heels to Heaven x 15
  • 6 inch leg hold x 15
  • Fellowship jog to Carroll MS parking lot for COT

COT / Announcements / Prayers

  • April 8th – 5 year F3 Anniversary Party at Wendell Gee’s.  RSVP for food count.
  • Prayers for sickness and healing for loved ones
  • Elsinore closed us in prayer


  • T-claps to Wrigley for joining us today.  Someone told me he had lost 100 lbs since coming to F3.  It was a pleasure to have you visit.  We look forward to seeing you next time you’re in the City of Oaks.
  • As I mentioned earlier, this AO has much to offer with all of the new buildings, parking decks and now some very cool jungle gym equipment courtesy of Kane Realty.  If you ever see Mike Smith with Kane around town, thank him for putting that equipment up (he had it in mind for F3).
  • The view at the top of the new parking deck next to Church of the Apostles is pretty nice.
  • The 3 man Indian Run is a great warm-up.
  • YHC shared a short story / devotional from a small book called “Moments for Fathers”.