…it wasn’t.  But then Doogie was supposed to co-Q.  And he fartsacked.  So you get what you get…

10 pax reported for duty this fine winter’s morning.  60 degrees made the House of Pain steel not quite so cold.

1 pax (an FNG, I think, goes by Chachi?  Anyone know him?  Haven’t seen him before…that I can remember) got some EC.  Looked like he got a brisk walk in.

Anyway, 9 pax were preparing for a nice warm up, but instead found themselves armed with a piece of cold, hard steel.


Warm up COP:
SSH with steel above the head
Good mornings, with steel
Arm circles, without steel (still beta testing this with steel at home…)
Slooow count merkins, without steel

Inspired to not run by a hatred of running and runners, YHC continued the circle of steely pain…
Shoulder press, with steel x 40, 40, 30, 30, 20, 20, 10, and 10.  Mixed in were some arm curls x a million, and some squats

Short run with steel over the head…
Shoulder press x 25, some jump squats, arm curls

Short jog with steel over the head…
Shoulder press x 25, jump squats, arm curls

Very short jog with steel over head…
Shoulder press x 25, single leg squats, arm curls

Hardly even a jog, steel over head…
Shoulder press x 25, and some Mary


– Welcome back Flanders for post #2!
– Welcome Cake from F3 Roanoke!
– Welcome back Chachi from wherever you were!
– Site Q meeting this Thursday (OPEN TO ALL PAX) at Tobacco Road in Chapel Hill.  8 pm