18 pax… We did not have brunch. Here’s what we did.


THE WARM-UP – Jog to Science Museum Globe – SSH x25 cadence – Imperial Walkers x25 cadence – GM x 15 cadence – Fazio Arm Circles x 10 cadence and x10 cadence – Mountain Climbers x25 cadence – Merkins x20 cadence


Urkins, Dips, LR Step Up, Durkins… x a bunch, all in cadence… repeato x3

Run to the State Archives building

Partner up… one partner runs stairs up and back while the other does burpees. Don’t touch the glass. Switch and continued until partners reach total of 50. 6 inch hold when you’re through.

Run to the parking lot across the street.

Plank, chilcut, six inch leg hold, chilcut longer, six inch leg hold longer, chilcut even longer, six inch leg hold even longer. Recover on the run.

Run to the other parking lot across the street.

Suicide by way of the telephone poles. 3 hand release merkins at each turn. Standard squats when through. Repeato x3.

10 burpees oyo

Run back to the previous parking lot: 8 burpees oyo.

Run back to the archives and up the stairs: 6 burpees oyo

Run back down the stairs and over to the science museum globe: squats until 6 arives. 4 burpees oyo. Yoda’s mumble chatter. 4 more burpees oyo.

Run back to initial AO. 2 burpees oyo. WWII situps (20 cadence). Lows slow flutter (20 cadence). Have a nice day.


Welcome FNG Habbor Scupe

Sign up for the pig-pickin… its this Saturday. If youre having trouble doing so, contact Franzia.

N2N on November 3rd. 3rd F Event at Christ the Redeemer. Sign up necessary.

Prayers for the Habbour Scupe and his M (bun in the oven) as well as those prayers unspoken. Thanks to Edsell for taking us out.

It was an honor… Horsehair.

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