A PAX of eight were in attendance on a brisk spring morning at the Vortex. After a quick warm up to get the blood pumping, it was off to the playground for some circuit work.

The PAX of eight paired off into four different stations. At station one: max pull-ups. Station two: swing-set rows. Station three: Carolina dry docks. Station four: jump lunges. Duration for each station was determined on those maxing out on pull-ups. After two repetitions through the circuit, the eight moseyed back to the field to begin YHC list of “least favorite things.”

YHC learned recently that often times our least favorite things earn that title because it’s where we need most improvement. To kick off the fun, Gorilla crawls for width of first soccer field, traveling burpee between the fields and sprint width of second field. On the way back, bear crawl, travelling burpee and sprint.

For recovery, the PAX traveled back across the first field with walking lunges and bunny hopped back.

To conclude the list – traveling double-merkins back across the first field followed by high knees to return.

Legs burning and arms slightly heavy, the brave eight hit the base line of field one for a full field sprint with back pedals to return. Following a quick recovery, the eight paired up for a round of one-minute max sit-ups.

In an effort not to waste a single minute, one more full field sprint was in order prior to heading into a round of Mary.

Moleskin: The Falcon is starting this Friday at Jordan High School – 5:30A start. Lo Pair shared news of F2 event on May 7, his father (former UNC AD) to speak on leadership – location tentatively set at Chapel Hill Country Club.

EDITOR’S NOTE – A fantastic maiden Q!  Rumor has it there may even have been vomit involved…