A record 31 pax and an unprecedented geological development at Fletcher Park today…let me explain.

The Thang:

Warm Up:  SSHs, Mountain Climbers, Imperial Walkers, Sir Fazio Arm Circles (English Gentry Style)

Run A Lot: 6 X 120yd Windsprints with moments of reflection in between.

Fenceline Incident:

Pyramid of 49 Standard Merkins & 49 Left Leg Single Leg Squats (e.g., 1, 2.,3…7, 6..3, 2, 1)

Pyramid of 49 Diamond Merkins & 49 Right Leg Single Leg Squats (same as above).

Geologically Noteworthy Event:

A 25 yd river of molten lava appeared.  Orange cones marked it for the untrained eye.  Pax adroitly crossed same without casualties in the following manner:

1. Run to east bank of river; Gorilla run across to west bank; run to end of 120 yd field.  Do the same thing on the way back.

2.Run to east bank of river; wheelbarrow across with partner; run to end of 120 yd field. Do the same thing on the way back (flapjack partner as wheelbarrow).

3. Same as above, except crank out 20 merkins on the east and west banks; run to end of 120 yd field.  Do the same thing on the way back with 10 merkins instead (flapjack partner as wheelbarrow).

4.  Run to east bank fo river; crab walk across; run to end of 120 field.

4 Minutes of Mary: Russian Hammers X 30; Alternating Oblique Crunches X 20


  • Some times you are the wheelbarrow.  Other times, your partner is the wheelbarrow.  Think about that for a while.
  • Thanks to Fazio for enforcing today a very reasonable 30-day cooling off period for GORUCK announcements from White Shoe.  Nonetheless, be advised that White Shoe has rented 3-man winnebago for the bottom dollar price of $1,200 per night.  Get with him.  2 nights of merriment in September in Virginia.  GORUCK Nasty.  That’s all the information you need for now–not because he made a capital sell–but because he’s going to announce it again 378 times.  Be advised.  It should be fun.
  • LAMP doubles down early for run, leaves main event early.  Had to get back with the Channel 5 News Team…
  • Short Stick leaves early. #RobertoDuran.
  • Van Wilder was present and was still born in 1993.
  • Tclaps to the volunteers who ran the Early Bird through Hayes Barton.  Au Pair was not among them.  Open bidding on the to be scheduled “Early Early Bird,” starting at 430 AM and consisting of pushing Utah’s Assault Vehicle over curbs.  #crosstraining.  Open bidding on the also to be scheduled Early Early Early Bird which consists of staying up all night with Chong Li and pondering.  Just pondering bro.
  • Utah thinks I may have consumed illicit substances before this morning’s workout.  I cannot imagine why one would think that.  #jjustsayno
  • Komen Race–Be there.  Talk to Caddie.  This Saturday.  Show up to support, even if you aren’t running.
  • Each of us has been recruited by somebody who had access to a good thing and shared it.  Do the same.  Be relentless.  Who knows?  Someone might challenge Chester for the mother of all kotters (7 mos. if you’re counting).
  • About the time Chester was getting his name, I was asking Memento to post.  What sealed the deal 7 months later?  The following statement on Monday: “The Wed. workout is hard–you know there’s an easier workout on Tuesday…maybe that’s for you…”  It is clearly not.  Tclaps to Memento for enduring a tough one…He’s solid.
  • Put down the scotch and find different action–the Sports Book at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada has now taken betting on “Recruiter of the Millenium” off the board.  No action.  Say again, no action.  Maize has it in the bag.