8 of the 40 pax gathered at Pullen stepped aside to make the jaunt over to The Healing Place for today’s edition of The Arena.  Thanks to Howard for creating The Arena shovel flag – it is legit, but gets a little heavy when running 1.25 miles with it.  Trying to figure out how to solve the “uphill both ways” riddle that is the run to and from THP, YHC decided to reverse the route and head up the hill at Dix first.  Let’s just say the riddle became even more complex as the uphills on this route seemed even steeper and longer….weird.

Upon arriving to THP, we ran into Yogi, last week’s FNG, who informed us he would not be joining us today, nor would any other clients, because Deep Clean day had been bumped up a week due to HoopsFest (see below) festivities next Saturday.  No worries, that just meant more fun for the PAX and a bigger client audience at the end.

Warmups:  SSH x 15, Good Mornings x 15, Plank Jack x 15, Mtn Climbers x 15

Rock Pile:  Curls x 15, Rock Squats x 15, Tri Press x 15, Rock Chops up the middle x 15, repeato with 10 counts.

Big Boy Jack Webbs up to 7:  Diamond Merkins on rock; rock press

Elevated Makhtar N’diaye’s x 15 (feet on rock)

Parking Lot:  Pair up.  One partner sprints to end of lot and back while other does exercise; flapjack:

1st set:  Burpees, 2nd set: Ski Abs

Lake Wheeler Field:  Partner Carry Interval Runs

Plan was to partner carry to first pole, both do 5 star jumps, flap jack, partner carry to 2nd pole, 10 star jumps, flap jack, partner carry to 3rd pole, 15 star jumps.  But, YHC called an audible at 2nd pole (we’ll say it was because of time constraints) and had Pax return to bottom of hill.  Repeato.

Courtyard:  Mary.

Upon entering the courtyard, it truly felt as though we were entering the Arena, as the entire THP client population was gathered waiting for Deep Clean day to begin.  We tried to recruit some for some Mary, but it became clear we would be on our own in front of a huge crowd.  This was a blessing though, as all eyes were upon us as we finished with Mary and COT, and we felt sure many clients were motivated to give it a try next time.

LBC x 20; Hollow Rocks x 10, ‘Merican Hammers x 20


Name O Rama – welcome FNG Shockoe, Lipton’s friend visiting from Richmond.

Announcements:  Next Saturday, July 26th, is HoopsFest, the annual fundraising event for The Healing Place.  It is a 3 x 3 tournament for all ages and skill levels, and is being held at Broughton this year.  This is its 4th year, and each year it gets bigger and better.  If you are in town and want to participate, go to the Hoopsfest website http://hoopsfestnc.com/ for more information and to sign up.

Come to Metamorphosis on Wednesday and support a client of the RRM in his inaugural Q.

Prayer requests:  Epoxy’s friend’s sister-in-law, Dufresne’s family.  Ball of Man on the outskirts and YHC took us out.

Jaunt back to Pullen (thanks Lipton for carrying the shovel flag on the return).  As always, I am humbled by the continued presence of the men of F3 Raleigh at The Arena and was honored to Q today.  If you have been to The Arena before, sign up to Q an upcoming workout, and if you haven’t attended an Arena yet, come experience a great 3rd F opportunity in a 1st F setting.

No Arena next week due to HoopsFest.  We’ll get back at it on August 2nd.