So much to do in 90 minutes. I have Qed Whiplash a handful of times but never for an hour and a half. I knew what could be done at NCMA in an hour but 90 minutes called for some exploration. That 60 minute leash was off and we were ready to ride. So here it goes.

Warm Up in the parking lot: 20 SSH and 6 slow slow Good Mornings.

Start out running along Blue Ridge. When we get to lake Boone find a spot on the grass.

Do 15 drops merkins.  This is quick feet, drop for a merkin, step three steps left, merkin, three steps right, merkin, pop back up to quick feet.  Start out the beginning of the pyramid 5 Swiss Merkins, 5 Swiss WW2s.

Indian Run to BBT parking lot. 20 Swipers in cadence. Pyramid 10 Swiss Merkins, 10 Swiss WW2s.

Partner chase down Ed Drive and along Edwards Mill to Laurel Hills. Do this with 10 jump squats. When you reach your partner each of you do 5 partner derkins.

Plank once at Laurel Hills. Do 15 Swiss Merkins and 15 Swiss WW2s. Mosey over to the rock pile. 15 curls, 15 triceps, 15 chest press, 15 rows.

Indian Run Down path to ParkLake Ave.  Call out sprints to the next light pole and low plank hold once there.  We did four sprints. Mosey over to Hill for set of elevens. Hand release merkins at top and Red Card Specials at bottom (aka jumping lunges).

Once complete mosey to courtyard for 20 Swiss Merkins and 20 Swiss WW2s to round out the pyramid.

Indian run back down ParkLake ave, up Glen Eden.  Stop for some Mary. Some Pax cried uncle and so we all gratefully took a moment for 25 LBCs. Finish moseying up Glen Eden and right on Blue ridge. Once at Morningside stop for a round of 15 Swiss Merkins, 15 WW2s.

Partner chase again. This time 5 squat jumps and five merkins (rotating every other time) before chasing.  Down Morningside and left on Wycliff. Ended up in Front of McDonalds at Lake Boone and Wycliff. Low plank hold with a ten count by all pax. 10 Swiss Merkins and 10 WW2s.

Indian run up the miserable hill that is Lake Boone. Stop at Nancy Anne Drive. Little Dips times 20. Keep going down Nancy Anne drive and take a left on Harden. All Indian Run. Then take the short cut into the Art Museum parking lot on the left behind the office building. Mosey up to the shiny parking lot. 10 Drop merkins, 20 Swipers, 10 Merkin to Lunge (these suck). Finish off the pyramid with 5 Swiss Merkins and 5 WW2s.

Finish up with Mary. I believe we did the following although I can’t be sure. 20 Heels to heaven, 20 American Hammers, 20 Freddy Mercuries.


At this point Huxtable, Invisible Shirt, and Lutz all showed up to join for COT. Not sure how the timing worked out so well.

Announcements: none

Prayer Request: Pax family who is dealing with cancer, Orwell

ManRam led us out. T-claps for that.


90 minutes is tough no matter what you are doing. By about the hour mark everyone is exhausted and a bit delirious. I just mapped it and it looks like we covered six miles.  It felt like much longer. The hills at the office added up. I tried adding a couple unique exercises to the mix. I think I will definitely keep around the merkin to lunge and the Drop Merkins. Those got tough after a while. Good work by all out there. Thanks for joining me and putting up with the adventure. Glad there were no fire ants on that hill. Heard those were there in the past….brutal.

Appreciate the opportunity to lead.


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