EC:  Emeril, CHiPS, Pikachu, Dog Pound, Forceps – $20 donated to Mission 22.

Vests: N/A

HC Fartsacks:  0

Excuse lexicon addition: N/A

Warm Up:

½ Mile Jog

½ Mile Jog – x22 SSH, x11 Imperial Walkers + x11 Hillbillies, x11 Windmills + x11 Good Mornings, x22 Fazio Arm Circles.

The Workout

Tennis Courts – Long way run x11 Merkins.  Come back x11 Squats.  Descending to 1 each.  Finish with 22 count Peoples Chair

Guardrails – x22 Triceps dips

Run to Ticket booth:

  • 22 count Balls to the wall
  • 22 count LBC’s
  • 22 count Low Slow Flutter
  • 22 counts Merkins
  • 22 count right leg over left knee. Left arm up to right knee
  • 22 count left leg over right knee. Right arm up to left knee

Long way run back to the cars.

Total running ~2.6 miles

ATT run Sunday February 25th to Durham – Do it all or join for part of it. Lunch to follow.

Mule March 10th

Praise: Forceps sister and father both doing well after recovering from their falls.

Passage:  James 1:14 – But each person is tempted when they are dragged away by their own evil and desire enticed.