Great to be back in the gloom with the men of F3. Shout out to N. Raleigh regulars – great group of men. PAX of 9 showed up to get it done. The dice were rolled and all were winners landing 11s at each turn.


SSH x 20, IW x 20, Mtn climbers x 20, standard merkin x 10

The Thang

mosey to the base of the hill at the entrance

11s – burpees & prisoner squats

mosey back to the park stopping at the benches

11s – dips & dirkins

mosey to the track

indian run x 2 laps

mosey back to the benches

11s – L/R step-ups & irkins

Flutter x 25 while group finished up

mosey to the baseball field

broad jump burpees to 1st base, bear crawl to 2nd base, crab walk to 3rd base, sprint home


plank jacks x 15, ski abs x 15

11s – American Hammers & LBC…. done!

Beaver took us out

Announcements – Christmas party 12/19, Turkey day convergence 0600 NCMA and 0700 Carroll Middle School

Prayer requests – none spoken but we should be praying for each other daily

Always a pleasure.