Start with warm up on the upper field: 20-Imperial Walkers, 10-High Plank to 10-Sarkozy to 10-Reverse Plank to 10-Putin back to High Plank for a 10 count that never officially ended.  The count entered into a circular argument with itself.  Cntrl-alt-dlt was required to break us out.

 Next venture down the road stopping along the way for two sets of 25-calf raises and quick feet.

 Run down to the pedestrian bridge and complete a set of 20-Incline Merkins followed by 20-Dips

 Sprint across the bridge.  Surprise Bear Crawl down the saturated slime covered stairs.  Back up to the top for 20-LBCs with 20-dieting cockroaches.  Sprint back across the bridge for another set of 20-inclines and 20-dips.  One final sprint back for 20-Rosalitas and reverse LbCs.  Before leaving the courtyard we scouted out and did a beta test for a new balls to wall location.

 Jog up to the sidewalk rail for 15 Australian pull ups and chin-ups.  Continue back to the horse shoe building courtyard for 20-Russian Hammer, 5 count around the circle six inch leg hold, 20-windshield wipers and one more round of Russian Hammers for good measure.

The End