The Shovel FlagS were planted on a crisp fall morning and the double entendres and not so subtle innuendo (hence the title) accompanied the PAX of 17 along a trail of pain.

After a brief round of count-off, the pax took a little run around the parking lot. We found a curb. We used it. Quick Feet x 20, inclines x 10, QF x 20, diamond inclines x 10, QF x 20, wide grip inclines x 10.

Off to the stone circle. Squats x 20, SSH x 25, repeato x 3 with some odd numbered finishes.


Quick run (10 feet) to the amphitheater. line up, sprint to stage, 5 jump ups, lunge walk back, plank . Repeato x 4.

At this point YHC forgets the cardinal rules of ELEVENS and calls them out as a Merkin/Burpee eleven. The pax did that half way through until YHC called out the proper version, as blessed by his excellency sir fazio, and we finished the round of elevens with Merkins/squats. Humblest apologies. It was ambitious and CSAUP.

From thence we did two lines on opposing sides of the field. Side one performed a six inch leg hold while side two bear crawled their direction, flapjack. One the repeat, side one performed a low plank hold while side two lunge walked their direction. flapjack.

For good measure the PAX then did another rushing of the stage, five jump ups, then run back and plank.

Tunnel of love following by a high plank hold tunnel of love. You read that correctly.

Robert Plant x 3, plank at the end for a cadence count of ten.

run back down stairs, take a quick detour around the carousel to end up on the concrete for six minutes of Mary.

LBC x 34, WWII x 36, Heels to heaven hold, Rosa/dolly x 10, six inch circle x 4 each.

The end.


Howard has passed site Q duties on to Mr. Rogers and several of his associates, perhaps King Friday will join us in the neighborhood. YHC assures you, though, that there will be no make believe in these parts. Many thanks and TCLAPS to Howard for starting and leading THE FORGE. You are a great ‘Merican!

Announcements: 11/12/13 third F dinner. The Date is certain, the time and location are penciled in for 1800 at Tylers Taproom in Raleigh. There will be no lobbyists present, the Ms can rest at ease.

Those interested in the Spring Go Ruck Challenge need to see YOYO ASAP and start training today. It is suggested that you place your firstborn on your back for the next six months. If you have no firstborn or your M protests, a couple of bricks in a cheap yellow bookbag will suffice.