Because I am not one of the 95% of Raleigh pax who are members of the NC Bar(although I suspect they wouldn’t be hard to find if anyone needed counsel because of an ice-related slip ‘n fall) and because I want to retain full functional use of my body, YHC decided that a morning in the nice warm Crabtree parking deck was warranted for this week’s version of Ethanol. With a few Qs under my belt, I’ve also learned that sometimes it’s best to lean on the old adage of K.I.S.S. Yep, keep it simple stupid.

Warmup jog up the ramps one level from the top and gather at the end of the deck closest to Sears. Gather up for a good dose of warmup and stretching.
-Good Morning x 10 SLOW
-Imperial Walker x 20
-SSH x 30
-Good Morning x 10 SLOW (YHC’s back has been giving hm fits this past week and needed some extra attention)

Just so happens that I had a deck of cards in my pocket this morning, so we gathered at one end of the deck for a fun ol’ game of House of Cards. YHC took the cards and placed them about 40 years away. We rotated through sprinting to the cards, picking one up, & sprinting back. The pax would do the number of reps of one of four exercises represented on each card picked. Squat hold waiting for the runner. We got through the whole deck which, if my calculations are correct, amounts to 94 reps of each exercise plus sprints. Strong work by the pax.

-Hearts = Star Jumps
-Diamonds = Squat Jumps
-Spades = Hand Release Merkins
-Clubs = Burpees

Jog back down to the cars for Mary

-Regular>Sarkozy>Regular>Putin>Regular>Low Plank Hold>Regular>Chilcutt>Peter Chilcutt x 20


-3rd Anniversary convergence at Pullen on 3/7/15. 6:45 for regular workout, but you can double down with Howard starting at 6. He will Q his original F3 workout. Post, it’s great fun having all the pax together.
-Mud run 4/11
-F3 Connect I believe has been postponed this week due to the ice.

Thanks for posting this morning gentlemen. I didn’t want to get out of bed this morning at all, but I had a great time and appreciate y’all being there. Aye!