Fat, old, and out of shape is not a good recipe for Q’ing the Judge, especially when it’s your first time Q’ing the Judge and especially when it’s your 40th birthday.  However, that did not stop YHC.  In fact, because of some shoulder issues, this was my first post in 40 days.  Call it kizmit or kharma that it coincided with my 40th.

A merry band of seven men, the magnificent seven, descended onto the Art Museum.  We were lucky the rain had stopped and the clouds had cleared to reveal a beautiful sky and moon, but the conditions were wet…very wet.  With that said, here’s the rundown.

1.Very lite warm up of 10 imperial walkers and 10 GM’s. Upon completion grab a partner – speed matters.

2. Mozy down the blue loop past mom’s bench to the water fountain and take a left down the hill to the rocks

3. Pain station # 1 – stop at the rocks and grab a rock for 20 bent-over-rows and 20 dying cockroaches-with-rock

4.Sprint up the small hill towards the Dojo for a 40 yard dash (maybe more like 65 yard dash). Stop at the top of the hill where the path forks.

5. Pain station # 2 – upon completing your sprint, drop for a 40 second six inch leg hold.  This was actually a nice way of catching your breath and admiring the night sky. Lots of nice comments about the Zen-like quality of that moment.

6. Proceed back to the water foundation

7. Pain station # 3 – at the water fountain complete 20 star jumps, 20 WW2’s, and 20 knee jumps.

8. Repeat that circuit until 6:08.

Announcements – Mule in early March beginning at Pullen Park.  Kid-oriented charity events coming up soon – details to follow.

Prayer requests – special thoughts for Man Ram’s father who unexpectedly passed away and for Man Crush’s mother as she continues treatment.

Thanks lads for the opportunity to lead and for showing the love. See you next time.