As YHC pulled in just on time, 2 PAX hopped out of their respective cars, ready to enter the gloom.  After some small talk we headed up the lot, past the pool to one of the Forge’s frequent pain stations only to find one of Raleigh’s finest street patrons sleeping out of the elements.  After a quick assessment we decided to let him sleep and made the yog down to the picnic area by the carousel.

The Thang:

Warm ups: SSHx20, good mornings x20, IW x 20, windmills x 20

Dips x 15, erkins x 15, L/R step ups x 15,  we were met by an additional f3er who had just run the same loop looing for the PAX now we have 4, repeto the dips erkins & step ups.

Mosey past the lake up the stairs to the icy bridge, grab hold and ice skate across,  head to the rock pile and grab a rock for some lifting, curls x 12, presses x 12, squat presses x 12, repeto, in honor of March Madness pass the rock between sets.

To the tennis courts for some suicides, run the first set, karaoke the second set, run up and backwards run back for the 3rd set.

Yog the path back to the stairs by the carousel for a little Robert Plant

Interval runs up the stairs, 1st set 5 burpies at the bottom, 5 burpies in the middle, 5 at the top and back down.  Next set with 10 merkins at each stop.

Grab a spot on the wall for arms up peoples chair for a 20 count for each man, next balls to the wall for a 40 count.

YHC had an early appointment that required leaving a few minutes early.

CW out Mr. Rogers in:

Jog to the grassy oval for…
Bear crawl across & sprint back
Gorilla crawl across & sprint back
Bear crawl across & sprint back                                                                                                                  Jog to the covered park entrance for…

LBC’s x 30
Slow Flutter Kick x 30
Ukrainian Hammer x 20
Freddie Mercury x 20

~COT/Naked Moleskin~

F3 Dads on Sat 3/22 @ 9:15am Fred Fletcher Park

3rd F Dinner on Tues 3/25 @ 6:30pm Tyler’s Tap Room

Mister Rogers closed with prayer