38 PAX including 2 FNG’s posted to OCL for round 4 of an inspiring and challenging hellweek in Chapel Hill.  Walt and I attempted to keep things simple and hit some of the “classic lines” that OCL has to offer.  What went down is below:

Warm Up jog to the the field and circle up.  Count off and remember if you are odd or even.

SSH, Merkins X10, WM, Diamond Grip Merkins X10, WMH, 15 MTN Climber IC, 10 Wide Grip Merkins, 2 Minutes Burpees OYO.

Evens stay with KJS at the Playground and Odds follow Walt to the Big Hill entrance into OCL.  Evens did exercise at playgroud and then switched with the Odds.

Evens on the Playground

5 or turned into 6 or 7 rounds of 5 pull ups on the rings.  On the fifth pull up hold yourself on the rings arms at 90 degree angle and do 10 knee ups.  Follow by 25 Squats.  Rinse and Repeat we got through 6 rounds some PAX got extra credit and did 7 rounds.

Odds on the Big Hill

4 Cones were setup at intervals from bottom of the hill to the top.  Bear Crawl up the hill to each cone.  10 Merkins at each Cone until you reach the top then SSH until the PAX arrive.  Carolina Dry Docks X30 for Walt’s crew and 15 Long Slow Carolina Dry Docks for KJS Crew(Get your head down to the pavement).  Bear Crawl Back down the hill and repeat the Merkins at Cones.

PAX meet up and make our way around Rashkis to the first set of walls.  Each man grab a section of wall and get ready.  3 Rounds of Box Jumps ala KJS followed immediately by Derkins ala Walt.

25 Box Jumps—–20 Derkins

20 Box Jumps—–20 Derkins

20 Box Jumps—–20 Derkins

Brisk jog around the track to the parking lot.  Walt audibled on our time crunch and we left out Balls to the Wall and Mary for the last exercise.   We figured the 50 minimum knee ups would suffice our core thrashing.

Evens on 1 end of the parking lot and odds on the other end.  5 burpees at each parking spot marker until you hit the curb.  15 parking spots(I believe)  You can do the math.

Great spirit and people pushing it today Men.  Welcome FNG’s Bumblestixx and Loveshack(they can explain their names).

1 more day of hellweek and a final beatdown at Bastille ala Coco tomorrow.  Be there.