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Wednesday 5:45, Downtown Cary, Road Construction, Decent Temp – low 70’s, Clear, Wind from the South East, 3 mph, Some Pax honoring the Tank Top Thursday Theme

18 Pax, including an FNG (Uppity IV) and a late arriving Blue Sky (6 kids…we get it).

Q needed.  Much to the chagrin of the PAX who prefer my MumbleChatter to my Q’s…I stepped up.

Warm Up

  • Backwards run partway down the street; then forward run
  • Circle up in Serendipity lot
  • Blue Sky arrived; we count off.  18
  • 18 penalty burbees
  • Merkins, GM’s, Plank Jacks, mostly to a 15x…..non traditional warm up
  • Count off in threes Line up with your number bros
  • Small group indian run to the rock pile…this is when the cluster started.  We did not have a long enough run, streets/side walks crowded, formation was problematic.
  • End at the corner where you can see the soon to be location #2 of LaFarm

Thang  Cluster

  • Grab a rock
  • Bunch of rock curls, rock presses, rock squats…like 3 sets of each x 15
  • Interlude of sprints, planks and squats off to the side of the rocks
  • Return the rocks and fellowship run over to the Bank and the new WAVE sculpture
  • Circle up for a modified jack webb…1 count merkins and WW2’s 5, 10 , 15, 10, 5
  • Fellowship run over to the Chamber parking lot
  • 25x Quick feet with arms a pumping
  • Head to Stonehenge section of the Chamber for some…..Peoples Chair 5 count around the circle, merkins x 20, Peoples chair 5 count around the circle with Callahan calling the arms for both round of PC, Balls to the Wall hold for as long as you can…then squat.   Blue Sky wins with Coney a close second.   Good work Blue Sky.
  • Head over to the grass for a real Jack Webb.  Merkins and 4 count arms up to 9
  • Head back to the base camp
  • Line up for sprint to the end of the street….FNG Uppity IV wins…he is fast
  • Circle up…..last round of Jack. 10
  • Return to street…run to the lot
  • Circle up for COT


  • 9/11 Climb on 9/11 at some stadium where Wolf Packers leave at Halftime  – Stay Tuned.  I won’t be there.
  • Prayers:  Papa Smurf, Chinese D, Banjo’s M (studying) Grease’s M + others (sorry bad memory)
  • Saban took us out with inspiration.

Great fun this am men.