My second Q and, like Bartman, fresh out of Q-school. Large crowd gathered, welcome and shout-out to our Churham visitors! No FNGs so we take off.

Warm Up

Jog in the gloom around the back of the baseball field to the back parking lot. Circle up for the warm-up:
Good Mornings
SSH in cadence (stay with Q)
Hillbillies in cadence
Cotton Pickers
Goofballs! (Or my version of it, at least I tried a new exercise)

The Thang

Counting off 1’s and 2’s for a 4-corners workout routine:

1’s Bear Crawl to first corner of lot divider while 2’s perform 10 Carolina Dry Docks when done bear crawl to first corner. Continue around the parking lot, performing 10 reps until PAX meets back at start, plank hold until all are gathered. Yes, I know we have a soft, cushy field for some of these exercises but didn’t want to be soft for the Churham guys.


Franksteins with Star Jumps
Guerilla crawl with Monkey Humpers
Lunge Walks with Lunge Jumps

Mosey to other parking lot, circling up for 10 Burpees OYO, plank hold, with some 10-count arm raised, low-cut mixed in. Recover and to the upper soccer field.

Circle of merkins! 1’s go clockwise around the field, performing 5 clap merkins, 10 wide-arm, 15 diamond, and 20 regular. 2’s go counter-clockwise for same count, trying their best not to run into the 1’s. Give-it-all you got runs between reps. Shout-out to Airbag for hanging with Large on the first sprint!! 10-count people’s chair around the Pax and then down to the second field.

Second soccer field, some quick running with karaoke, sprints to corners and back. Franklin got extra credit and went full field for starting early.

Mosey over to basketball court for a quick Mary reps of Hello Dolly, LBCs, and Big Boy sit-ups to end.


Count-a-rama: 21 PAX!

Announcements: Tonight is the Healing Transitions dinner; sign up if you plan to come.

Memorial Day Murph (see email chatter)

Many options 5/21: Minuteman muster / F3 Dads / South Wake beer ruck

Churham talked about some guys traveling to Roanoke for a post, help with the establishing of F3 in the area, and there was some talk about a tobacco road 22-mile ruck with beer and/or plates finishing in Durham with Ms and 2.0s at the finish line; date some time in July.

Prayer request for Larry and his wife, who is being diagnosed with cancer, hopefully not stage 4.

It was an honor to lead you men this morning.